What do football and earmites have in common?….cheerleaders!

The first blog of my career..where to begin?  Should it be the hawk that flew about 6 inches in front of me? Or spending my Saturday afternoon in an Enterprise van with 14 other people? For the sake of gaining your interest…I will proceed with the latter. 

As a member of the Millsaps Cheerleading team, we embarked on the first road trip of the season this past Saturday.  All thirteen of us plus our coach sardined (yes I just made that a verb) into a white rental van, and set out for Pineville, Louisiana.  The team made the unfortunate decision to place me in the front passenger seat which gave me full control of the radio AND the directions.  In high school I was dubbed the “radio nazi”, and this trip proved no different.  What can I say? I simply don’t tolerate annoying droning songs, and the channel must be immediately changed!

Anyhow back to the trip.  The ride to Pineville went as scheduled give or take a turnaround in Tallulah, LA, a pit stop for fried catfish at a gas station, and the fact that I ONLY read 25 pages of my homework. (Try getting all 13 girls to be quiet all at once and let people study…long story short it is NOT going to happen. There will always be that one!) 

Around 4:00 pm we arrived at Louisianna College, and after a quick uniform change headed to the field to cheer on the Majors.  The game didn’t go so well, but the MAIN POINT of this blog is arriving I promise.

After leaving the game, and heading home we stopped for our first bathroom break.  Everyone was eager to return to campus so we tried to make the pit stop as quick as possible; however THAT certainly wasn’t the case.  While waiting for the rest of the girls to return our lovely cheer coach managed to confuse her eye medication drops with her DOGS ear medication drops and yes…PUT THEM IN HER EYE.  After a confused look, screaming ensued, and the few cheerleaders that had already made it to the van went into rescue mode.

We doused the coach’s eye (really entire body) with water, and eventually made a phone call to lovely Emily at Poison Control. (yep check “call poison control” off the bucket list) Emily assured us that as long as Jen had sight in her eye, and that we had flushed it for a full 20 minutes she would be fine to return home, and promised to call us back in an hour.  (She never called back)

Jen turned out to be fine, and the numbing sensation that remained in her eye was determined to be from the inssesant amount of ice water we had poured into her eye.  We continued on our way, and around 1:30 am arrived at good ole’ Mother Millsaps. 

Another great weekend to add to the college story books, and there will surely be many more to come!


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