We are the champions!

Throughout high school I was involved in nearly every extra curricular offered.  From softball to basketball to cheerleading athletics was always a big part of my life, but when I came to college I thought that basketball and softball could continue no more.

Boy was I wrong!  I was introduced to this little thing called…INTRAMURALS, and, like many of my fellow teammates, I was given the opprotunity to relive those high school glory days.  Last year I played on the reigning Intramural Basketball champhionship team, a title that is coveted among the intramurals community. (most agree that basketball is the most competitive of the intramural sports)

Last night I was able to partake in the first intramural game of the season: flag football.  After a ripped shirt, a jammed finger, and some much needed exercise, my team walked away again victorious.  (Don’t let the afore mentioned scare you-the games are not always this intense!)  Our team is out to set a never before record to be the cahmpions of EVERY intramural sport.  Lets do THIS!!

More to come as the flag football season continues.  Happy Tuesday!


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