The BIG 2.1.

this was just too perfect to not add...

One of the many thrills of growing up is turning that long awaited….21!! Although I may not be turning 21 for almost a year (yes I am in the correct grade…late birthday), I had the pleasure of celebrating one of my best friend’s big 2. 1. last night! 

Whoa whoa before your thoughts begin to stray, let me explain the birthday celebration.  A handful of our friends gathered at Amerigo’s, an italian ristorante and Jackson favorite, to begin the birthday festivities. (the friend’s name is Katie…and Katie’s actual birthday is today) After ENTIRELY devouring the three plates of bread (we asked for more later in the night) we hungrily ordered a variety of pastas, salads, and more. 

A few of us tried to factor in the healthy eating idea…but wait we’re in college! So long story short… healthy didn’t happen.

After placing our orders, gift time began.  I proudly handed Katie her gift that had taken me an ENTIRE morning to purchase. 

Digression while I explain the gift:

Katie is an English major, and some may consider her a classic soul.  She loves knitting, classic novels, writing, and is SUPER competitive.  She had given me a fantastic birthday present, so in honor of her competitive spirit I knew hers had to be equally as fantastic.  The idea for her gift struck me one night as the sounds of good ole’ Sanderson (residence hall) were lulling me to sleep; I would travel to every public library in Jackson and purchase a used book from their used book sale tables.  On Monday morning I embarked on my library journey, and I am proud to say 5 hours later, I returned with 21 of the best handpicked books Hinds County library system had to offer.  I bought classics like “Of Mice and Men”, and newer pieces like “Is He the Right Guy for You?” to Katie-specific books like “At Knits End: Meditation for People Who Knit Too Much”.  Some looked like they were about to fall to pieces, others had inscriptions in the cover from previous owners, and some were even signed by the authors.  This may not seem THAT exciting to you, but trust me if you knew Katie this was by far THE perfect gift for her.

End digression and return to the story:

Katie began opening her gift, and 21 books later I had sucessfully brought her to tears!  WIN! This may not seem like the average 21st birthday gift, but uniqueness counts for something right?! 

I will save you from having to read about our entire dinner so fastforward to the anticipated FREE dessert!!  Of course we had alerted the staff that it was Katie’s 21st, and when they began approaching with the apple/cinamon/pecan monstrosity the entire ristorante broke out in song! 

The night was inevitably a success, and although Katie may not have technically been  able to order a “birthday drink” it was the perfect Millsapian celebration of a 21st! 

this is definitely NOT the birthday celebration...but it is a great pic of the two peas in a pod!


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