An “enriching” floral experience

I am definitely a few days late on this blog, but better late than never right?  Tuesday night (before the fabulous 21st celebration) I participated in one of my FAVORITE activities of the year: floral design class.

Yes, you read correctly, I participate in a floral design class where I learn to make various types of floral arrangements, and general care for flowers.  The class is a part of the Enrichment series offered by Millsaps, and students even get half off!  The classes are open to everyone in the Jackson community so when I arrived at floral design class (dressed in my 21st celebration outfit) I was without a doubt the only person under 45.  (Ok maybe there was a 42 year old, but thats just about the same thing!)

In order to further make myself look like Suzy Homemaker, I must admit something.  This was not the first time I had taken this class full of middle aged women…it was the SECOND!  But hey, I am comfortable with myself, and I can proudly say that these floral design skills came in handy when some flower faux pas occured during Greek Recruitment and I was called to the rescue!

The class focuses on a different arrangement each of the weeks, and this past class we made a smaller fall centerpiece arrangement.  See the picture below for a better appreciation, and YES I made this from scratch!

Excuse the evident mess in the picture. (Just wait until you come to college!…You will somehow forget how to clean too…)

I return to floral design next Tuesday night for the final session of the class.  Who knows what we will create?!

To see more about the types of classes the Millsaps Enrichment Series offers follow this link:


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