…and swap season begins

I guess I will preface this blog by explaining what exactly a “swap” is.  A swap is a closed one hour party between a fraternal organization and a sorority.  Each of the sororities has a swap with each of the fraternities at some point throughout the year. 

"Flappers and Gangsters" swap...of course I was a gangster.

Each of the swaps has a different theme from “Grafitti”, to “Game Night”, to “Jarty”. (for those of you who are not familiar with a “jarty”, a “jarty” is a party where only jean items are to be worn)

Now that you have a better understanding of what exactly a swap entails, I shall now recount the Swap Season opener which occured last night. 

The first swap is often the most anticipated, and the anticipation was certainly high last night.  For our seniors, this would be their final swap with this particular fraternity, and for freshmen their first!  (I should warn you that this particular theme led to the boys being dressed in plaid skirts and knee highs.) After toasting the boys outside of their house, the festivities began. 

Ready for the night to begin!

We entered to a mass of fraternity men in clothes that not even the girls could squeeze into, but hey thats what makes college so fun and memorable right?!  Both organization’s new members were announced warranting cheers from everyone in the house. 

The above sentence may seem quite simple; however, I assume many of you have never tried to silence more than 100 people who are dancing and having fun on a Thursday night.  Put quite bluntly: IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. 

Midway through and INTENSE game of Twister at a "Game Night Swap"

Although the room was never quiet enough to hear all the names, after all the new members were announced a mad rush to the dance floor ensued.  We danced the night away to everything from “Electric Feel” to the “Wop” to the “Wobble”.  At one point I ran into my fellow blogger John Nolan Killebrew.  (I’m sure you have no clue as to whom I am referring because my blog is WAY more interesting than his could ever be.)  John Nolan and I decided blogging about the swap was a must.  Well John Nolan…I blogged first…I WIN!

Around 11:00 our hour had expired, and we were instructed it was time to leave.  After more sister/brotherhood chanting, the official swap was over.  We arrived, we danced, we conquered in only an hour…and every Thursday will be the same!


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