Football, Tailgating, and Salsa-ing Oh My!

Football game? Check. Tailgate? Check. Salsa dancing? Check.

I have officially crossed all of the above off of my weekend to do list.  The weekend began with the much anticipated meeting of the Trinity Tigers and the Millsaps Majors.  In case you aren’t familiar with Millsaps athletics, I’ll describe Trinity in three words: We Hate Them.  At 1:00 the rivalry commenced, and I will spare you the details of the game, and say that unfortunately we did not emerge victorious.  The Majors kept the game close with a final score of 10-3.

The most important part of game  day festivities took place after the actual game.  The Majors fans gathered at the nearby Cabot Lodge, and tailgated like no other.  My own parents came up from the Coast and of course brought a little home to me in Jackson.  We fried shrimp, mullet (fish), hushpuppies, and even hard shell blue crabs (I’ll describe these in detail in a later blog).  My friends and fellow athletes were able to hang out with the Cantrell family for hours, munching on Coast delicacies and enjoying the comaraderie and spirits of game day.  After a few lessons on how to properly eat the fried hard shell crabs, everyone quickly indulged, and I can confidently say no one walked away hungry! (or thin for that matter)

As evening approached those remaining decided to move the party down the road to a local salsa club in Fondren.  Salsa Mississippi holds free salsa lessons every Saturday night at 9, and let me assure you this is a newly discovered Millsaps student MUST!  My friends and I learned the basics of salsing for the first hour, and for only a $5 cover were able to take part in the “after hours slasa party”.  We never stopped dancing, and were able to dance with both professionals and novice dancers. (salsa is NOT nearly as easy as the professionals make it look!) Although I can not boast superb salsa skills, I can say that this weekend certainly increased my salsa-ing abilities!  I can not wait to return, and bring even more of my friends so stay tuned for more on upcoming visits to Salsa Mississippi!


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