The college woman MUST have shoes..

There is one item that must be in EVERY woman’s wardrobe, and that item is a pair of rainboots. 

Rainboots like these can be seen all around campus.

Fortunately I entered Millsaps equipped with a polka dot pair of my own; however, many students were caught off guard that first Jackson thunderstorm.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of thunder and rain beating on my window, and of course when the alarm clock rang at 6:30 I quickly rolled over and didn’t get up until nearly two hours later.  When I finally did decide it was time for the Tuesday to begin, I slid on my boots, and headed out for the drizzly campus beyond.

You can always tell who is a freshman by the first rainstorm of the school year. Those that have been here before have learned that rainboots are the only bearable way to trek to that 8:00 am class, and the little freshies are the ones that have yet to aquire the much needed boots.  I can assure you that by that second storm, everyone freshman girl has bought a pair, and will never be caught again with sloshy pant legs or wet socks again!

For those of you heading off to college this year or in the near future, trust me along with the new bedspread and storage containers BUY A PAIR OF RAINBOOTS!  They will make your life THAT much easier. 

Enjoy your Tuesday, because I know I will! Jumping fearlessly in puddles all day long!


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