Thank goodness the weekend is here!

Forgive me for the lack of blogging in the past few days lets just saylife at Millsaps decided to EXPLODE the past couple of days! 

I’ll spare you all the details and just hit the highlights.  I have been preparing the entire week to take two midterms on Thursday, the first of which was at 10:00 am.  I had set my alarm for 7 to fit in a morning workout which of course I didn’t make it to, and instead fell back asleep, and didn’t wake up until 9:01!  (I have work at 9:00…oops) I leaped out of bed, flipped on all of the lights (sorry roommate) and began the mad dash to  get dressed. 

I came across this this morning...HAPPY WEEKEND!

I made it to work only a minimal amount late, and began mentally preparing myself for the two tests that I was about to take.  One didn’t go as well as I would have liked, but the other…let’s just say I kicked its butt!  I ended up typing a ten page response to four questions (single spaced). Yep..thats what we Millsaps students get to do!  I showed that Industrial Organization test who was boss. (Beware of a future ranting blog about the actual results of the test….)

I finished off my busy week with some good times with friends, and since I am priveledged enough to be an economics major with no class on Fridays I began my weekend last night!  I head to Six Flags at 2:30 tomorrow morning, and from there I head to Washington D.C. for an Economics Department trip.

Real world here I come, and look forward to more updates in future blogs!


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