Around the east coast in four days

First off allow me to apologize for my recent lack of blogging. I have been away from Millsaps for a while compiling an enormous amount to blog about from the school sponsored trip to Six Flags to the Economics trip to Washington, D.C.

My weekend began on Friday, night as I travelled westward to the nearby town of Clinton for a housewarming party.  One of the many joys of growing up is having friends buy their own houses and host grown up parties of their own, still somewhat frightening though!

After the Friday night housewarming party I slept for a grand total of two hours, and at 2:30 am ventured to Whitworth Circle to load the charter bus bound for Atlanta, Georgia! All 55 college students somehow made it to the bus on time…whether or not we were all coherent is another story but….we all made it!  I am pretty sure it took an entire 15 minutes for just about everyone on the bus to pass out, which is when I relocated to the floor of the bus.

Digression-for any those of you who have ever played high school athletics, hopefully you have learned as I did that the floor of the charter bus is THE most comfortable place to sleep. Stretched out legs and an ache free neck are worth the small amount of inconvenience you cause those people who insist on walking back and forth down the aisle!

Resume blog-After nearly four hours of driving we made a pit stop in the metropolis of Oxford, AL. Having not paid attention one bit, when I asked someone in McDonald’s where in fact we where and he replied Oxford, the confused look on my face apparently offended him. But I mean come on! For a native of Mississippi when one says Oxford obviously you think of the northern college town!  Oh well my mistake!

Good thing we had photographer Kate following us around for this snapshot!

During the breakfast break not only did I learn that there is another Oxford in the south, but also that fall has begun EVERYWHERE except Jackson, MS! Most of us had only Nike shorts and t-shirts on, which we soon found out would NOT cut it in Atlanta. It was freezing! (And by freezing I mean below 60 degrees…which in essence is freezing!)

After our McDonald’s pit stop we reloaded the bus and set off on our last hour and a half of traveling.  Around 11 am we arrived at the long-awaited Six Flags over Georgia and the adventure began! 

Since I had to catch a flight to DC from the Atlanta airport I had the privilege of lugging my carry on bag all the way to guest relations, but it wasn’t all that bad because they were nice enough to hold it for me for free! 

Jennifer Goebel and I after VERY patiently waiting...

After patiently ()and I mean VERY patiently) waiting for the lady who took FOREVER in front of us, Jennifer Goebel (a fellow Millsaps student) and I booked it for the first ride of the day, only to find out that the lovely Millsaps draw string back Jennifer was carrying WASN’T ALLOWED ON THE RIDE!  So…we had to run all the way back to guest relations and rent a locker for the day.  Once that was situated, we returned to the “Scorcher” only to realize that we had forgotten all of our money in the locker which we had just rented. 

I mean seriously how many Millsaps students does it take to act rationally in an amusement park?!

After returning to guest relations and FINALLY having everything we needed, and stowing away what we didn’t we were able to meet up with the rest of our newly formed Six Flags gang.  Put two juniors and five freshmen together and you are bound to have an exciting day.

Some of the freshies and us old folks..The Six Flags gang!

I have only been to an amusement park once in my life, and this one time the person I went with didn’t even like roller coasters, so the entire day was honestly a new experience for me.  It was like taking seven five-year olds, and setting them free in a candy shop without parents! We went from ride to ride to ride laughing, screaming, and more laughing the entire time! 

Oh..Did I mention that the entire trip only costs $20?! That’s transportation AND ticket fee! Yea Millsaps is pretty alright I guess…

After riding a number of adrenaline rushing roller coasters, we decided to further release our inner child and ride the for lack of better description “swinging carousel of flying swings”.  This ride was frequented by six and seven-year olds which of course meant that we just HAD to ride it as well! 

Yea this is before I realized this ride was cursed!

Here ends the blog of my Six Flags trip, but in case you are about to go into a nervous breakdown wondering when I will finally reveal deets of my Washington DC trip don’t worry they are soon to follow!Embarrassingly enough, this is the ride that did my stomach in.  After swinging in circles for more times than I can count I could no longer handle the actual roller coasters and had to call it quits.  Fortunately it was almost time of me to head to the airport anyhow so shhh don’t tell anyone that I’m a weakling!Around 3:30 I had to depart the gang and embark on the Atlanta public transit system in order to head for the Atlanta airport.  This is an entirely other blog in and of itself so be prepared to read that one tomorrow! 


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