Journey to the nation’s capitol

Disclaimer -If you are reading this blog and have not yet read my previous blogs I highly suggest you do so not only because my blogs are riveting and worth the read, but also because you will be extremely confused about the following sequence of events.

After departing the Six Flags gang, I exited the park and set out for the MARTA shuttle stop to hitch a ride to the Atlanta airport.  For those of you like myself that have grown up in small town Mississippi, a public transportation system is quite the task to navigate.  Fortunately, I pride myself on being a master subway/metro/MARTA navigator, and didn’t find the trip to intellectually daunting.  I caught the shuttle to the train system, and from there travelled on two lines to the good ‘ole ATL airport. 

The actual Economics Department trip duties did not begin until Sunday night, so if some of you are wondering why I am travelling on Saturday, the reason is I wanted to maximize my benefit (a little Econ lingo there) of travelling to DC. Also, my mother happens to work for Delta so…I get free flights and it is much easier to catch a flight from Atlanta than from a smaller airport.

Because I fly for free, I fly standby so it is always a guessing game as to whether or not I will get on the flight.  After severely underestimating the time that the Atlanta public transit system takes, I arrived at the airport with less than thirty minutes until my 5:40 flight.  Fortunately, there is this nifty thing that allows you to check in online, so I merely had to print my boarding pass and SPRINT to security.  Nearly out of breath, I arrived at security only to fall behind a family of about seven with five kids all under the age of five! And of course I had to get the TSA agent that wanted to just chat up a storm to EVERY child!  Most times I would be grateful to see a smiling TSA agent enjoying their job; but NOT when I had about 20 minutes left and still had to get to the complete opposite side of the airport!

After another long ten minutes, I cleared security and was left with about fifteen to get to concourse C. I was in G. I suddenly became THAT girl. The one running in a full-out sprint through the airport trying not to run over the youth or the elderly. (which is actually a lot harder than you may think while carrying a suitcase!)

With an entire 3 minutes to spare I FINALLY arrived at gate C31, and was literally the LAST person on the plane.   I was so enthused to be on my flight that I forgot one minor detail: I was flying into Dulles International. 

For those of you not familiar with the Washington DC area, Reagan is the airport most accessible for the city, and Dulles is the airport that is on the outskirts and requires quite some strategic planning to avoid paying the outrageous cab fare into the city. 

I kindly asked the lady next to me if she could give me the easiest (and cheapest) way to get into Chinatown.  She jotted down some notes, and wished me luck.  Nearly TWO hours later, after a bus ride, a delayed metro, and throwing on my makeup on the route, I arrived in Chinatown where my friends where waiting to explore the town!

I apologize for the lack of pictures in this blog, but never fear there will indeed be some in the next post!


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