I can’t think of a clever title…

As I sit in the admissions office faced with the task of providing my daily blog, I can honestly say I am stumped for a topic to write about.

Whoa whoa before you get all in a tizzy…  I will in fact write about something this is merely my disclaimer that it will probably be the most random irrelevant subject.

I have spent the last three weeks pretty much in the library studying for midterms, and when I say “pretty much in the library”  I mean every spare minute between classes, every night until closing time (2 am), and every morning at opening time (8am).  And it’s not even FINALS WEEK!!! Oh well….now its over so I can enjoy the State Fair tonight!  Speaking of which, I will be posting details about my fair extravaganza in the morning.

Since my days and nights have been consumed by studying, I have no exciting events or stories to relay to you lovely readers so instead I will discuss this new discovery of mine called pinterest.com.

After hearing about the website from Matt Binion (Director of Campus Activities), and again from Jennifer Goebel (previously mentioned as a member of the Six Flags gang) I just had to check it out, and man am I glad that I did!  (I know by merely mentioning that Matt influenced my decision to check this out is going to make him think he is cool, but no. Matthew you’re NOT that cool.) The site allows you to create “boards” which are basically compilations of random pictures/ideas that you find while surfing the internet.  Each of the boards has a common theme for example a baby room themed board will have a bunch of pictures of ideas/crafts/diy projects etc all “pinned” to it. 

For those of you like myself who are too lazy to actually create your own boards, the site is great for wasting away hours looking at everyone else’s boards.  WARNING- If you are a sucker for sugar do not look at the sweets themed boards…you WILL get fat!

So if you are bored with Facebook, and can’t find anything meaningful to do I suggest you check out pinterest.com it will definitely be worth it!


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