What do Eminem and Elton John have in common?

Happy Thursday!

Unfortunately I don’t have any extremely riveting new from the state fair to blog about….

APPARENTLY, Corey Smith is not who I thought he was so imagine my surprise when we got the free concert and I saw a bald-headed older man! (I was expecting a younger scruffy faced fellow…oops) One fellow crowd member mentioned that he was a cross between Eminem and Elton John, both of whom I admire so don’t think I’m bashing ole Corey!

After I overcame my confusion, Corey Smith began singing, and yep it was the same great soulful music I was expecting!  I can’t quite claim to know many of his songs..in fact I MIGHT know two…maybe, but I can say that he was entertaining.  And it was FREE with fair admission so completely worth it!

Fellow blogger, John Nolan called dibs on this topic so I will refer you to his blog for more details on our state fair excursion. You’re welcome JNK, maybe now someone will actually read your blog…maybe. 🙂


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