Is this creative enough for you?

Each year around the beginning of fall there seems to be a behind the scenes scramble among the women on campus.  This is due to the swiftly approaching date parties that each of the sororities schedule, and the responsiblity of the women to ask their own date!  I know sounds crazy right!  Since when do females have to get their own date to dances?!  Around this time is when I actually miss high school (kind of…) when we could sit back and relax and let the boys fret over who they were going to take to the junior prom.  Well this is no more, and again I am faced with the task of finding my own date to the party, which is difficult in and of itself, and even further, apparently it is the “college tradition” to ask your date in some sort of unique creative way.

GEEZ THIS COULDN’T GET ANY HARDER!  Now I (as well as 50 % of the campus) have to determine a guy, make sure he isn’t already asked, make sure he isn’t already busy that weekend, AND think of some clever witty way to ask!

Well for the past three years I have gotten by the easy way.  I have taken the same guy, and since I have taken the same guy I have gotten to the point where cleverness and wit are unnecessary when asking…or so I thought.  I have not been able to live down my previous tactic “well if I don’t have anyone else to ask around that time you’re going with me right?” I mean who could say no to that?!

He didn’t, but his grumbling and chastising has not stopped so….I figured I would finally cave and do something clever.  So…Jake Sherrington I publish this on my blog in the presence of 10 (ok maybe more like 5) readers….  Will you go to fall party with me?

There I finally gave you the special treatment you deserve, and don’t worry all 5 readers I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the response!


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