He said….

Just like those lovely professors who refuse to hand back your test until the END of class, I will withhold the anser until the end of this blog! 

I guess I could write about my fall break, but there is not much more to say than I went home, I slept, I ate, I came back.  End of story.  So instead I guess I will write about something a little more interesting.  (at least I think it is more interesting)

Yesterday I had the privilege of discovering a brand new computer dungeon in the dark depths of the Murrah Hall basement.  Apparently it is an accounting lab stocked with computers and a printer that requires you to swipe your ID in order to be granted access.  Talk about high-tech! Much less interesting is how I discovered the lab. Our teacher was teaching us how to import data into a computer program and run a regression analysis for my Econometrics class.  Riveting right?!

Just like the corner in the library that every freshman discovers or the one unlocked room in Olin Hall with a blackboard perfect for those late night group study sessions it is always great to discover a new nook on the Millsaps campus.

Now the long-awaited answer… he said yes of course!


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