Can you name the Three Musketeers?

I have been severely lacking in the “updating my blog” department so at the risk of getting behind of John Nolan, I can no longer put of writing!  The past few days have pretty much consisted of studying, homework, meetings, more studying, oh and some homework!

No no don’t give me your pity!  Just about every student at Millsaps has a schedule that sounds like that so I am by no means an exception.  While I have been busier than a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s day, last night I FINALLY made time to do something fun and interesting. 

Going to the movies is probably one of my favorite leisurely activities.  Freshman year after slaving through the gigantic Heritage test, I would reward my efforts by going to see a movie…by myself.  DON’T MAKE FUN! Going to the movie during the day is very relaxing, plus you are most often the only one there so you can laugh, talk, and be as loud and obnoxious as you want!  I finally had a free night last night so Jennifer Goebel and I went to see the newest version of “The Three Musketeers”. 

Keep in mind by a “free” night I mean that most of my meetings were over by 9 pm so we were able to make it to the 10 pm show meaning….we were the only ones there!!! And because we were the only ones there we took it upon ourselves to randomly ask for free popcorn and WE GOT IT!!  The nice concession worker and manager thought that we were so entertaining they gave us free trays of popcorn! I can now cross that off my to do list!

Along with free popcorn we were also warned by the workers that the movie was one of the worst they had seen.  Oh boy!  A movie we had just spent $7 was going to be terrible! Yay us!

Well let me just say they were wrong.  The movie was not in fact terrible and it wasn’t spectacular; however, it was worth a trip to see.  It was perhaps Orlando Bloom’s most dynamic role yet, and there was the perfect combination of action, romance, and history. (Yes I like a little history in my movies…don’t make fun.) 

All in all the trip was a success in more ways than one.  Jennifer and I were not only able to take a night off from Millsaps, but now we can finally answer the trivia question that always seems to be asked: Name the Three Musketeers.  Win!

Answer: Porthos, Athos, Aremis, and the newest member Dartanian


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