It’s like coming home…


This past weekend was not only the weekend that a number of alumni, family, and friends made the trek to Millsaps, but more importantly the weekend that college students get to dress up and act like foolish little children…HALLOWEEN weekend!

Before I explain the epic Halloween events, I will first depict the fabulous Homecoming festivities that took place.  Early in the week, the Board of Trustees paid their semiannual visit to the College, and beginning on Friday a multitude of alumni events began. 

Three generations of Millsapians return to campus for Homecoming festivities!

Greek reunions, courses of study reunions, class reunions, and merely friends reunions took place flooding the Millsaps campus with alumni both young and old. 

One of the Greek life tents serving homemade egg rolls for Tasting at the Tents

On Saturday student organizations gathered in the Plaza to compete in the second annual Tasting at the Tents competition.  The event included dishes from SBA chili, to CMT apples and peanut butter, to KD grilled oysters, to PIKE soufle!  Along with a pep rally and introduction of the Homecomingcourt, the pre game festivities were  a success and at 1:00 game time began. 

Once the official Homecoming festivities ended, the “un”official Halloween festivities began.  I found myself explaining the meaning of Halloween as a

The possessed doctors in one of the Haunted House rooms. Scary indeed!

college student to my dad, and the best explanation I could come up with was that it is a holiday that allows students to live vicariously through a costume and act a fool!  What could be better than that?! 

Saturday night was the night of the Halloween festivities; and last night (actual Halloween) was reserved for the on campus Haunted House.  This second annual event is hosted by one of the fraternities, and each of the rooms of the house becomes a “theme” by other organizations and students pay $3 to have the living daylights scared out of them by their peers. 

I am NOT one for scary things AT ALL.  I mean literally, I have given someone a black eye while watching a scary movie before…NO joke.  So for some unknown reason, I wound up paying my $3 and entering the scariest haunted house ever!  That rule about not grabbing people in haunted houses? Yea, we don’t follow that one!  So…I travelled through the house literally leaping from wall to wall after being chased, grabbed, and scared to the point that my abs were sore from screaming.  Obviously the night was a success!


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