On the road again…

The Millsaps cheerleaders embarked on yet another memorable road trip this past weekend.  The squad traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to take on the Birmingham Southern Panthers in the final game of the season.  We were scheduled to leave at 3:30 Friday afternoon, but….that didn’t exactly happen.  Around 5 o’clock we were finally on the road, and so the trip began!

Future Millsaps cheerleaders joined us for the final cheer!

I decided I would maximize the three plus hours in the van and type a five-page paper that I had been procrastinating for well…3 months. The trip there was significantly less eventful than the previously blogged about trip, but that doesn’t mean that it was entirely uneventful.  We arrived in Birmingham around 8:30 and headed straight to Flip Burger, the restaurant where we were planning on eating.  Our lovely Coach Jen had called ahead; however, she CONVENIENTLY forgot to ask how dressy the restaurant was!  So there we are in our white unmarked sketchy van, parked next to a Mercedes convertible in our Nike shorts and sweatshirts ready for a table for 10 at a nearly fine dining place. AWKWARD!

Missing you Sara Del, Cat, Lindsey, and Morgan 😦

About 5 minutes later, they conveniently overbooked with another party of 10, and we were left without a place to eat.  There were a few neighboring restaurants; however, of course on a Friday night a party of 10 had NO chance.  California Pizza Kitchen was kind enough to accept us so crisis averted, and the rest of the night went well.

The next morning as the other lazy college students slept an extra three hours, my mother (who came in to watch the game) and I embarked on our favorite pastime: SHOPPING!  We did a speed race around the stores, and emerged victorious with some great sale items.

Kickoff was at 1 so I met them at the game where we prepared to cheer on the Millsaps Majors for the last game of the season. While the outcome of the game wasn’t preferred we had a great time cheering in the foothills of the Appalachians and enjoying the Homecoming festivities of the home team.

Following the game, we set out for Superior Grill; a Mexican restaurant that came highly recommended and did not disappoint! While travelling to the restaurant, we did in fact take a wrong turn and ended up taking a “scenic” tour of residential Birmingham (more specifically Vestavia Hills). I guess it wouldn’t be a cheerleading road trip without a U-Turn in a random city!

The Mexican feast was delicious and around 6 we set out to return to good ole Mother Millsaps! The ride home involved candy, deleriousness, candy, and more candy.  Unfortunately the return trip did not include earmite drops in the eyes so I have no riveting story to tell you all.  Moment of silence for lack of humor….

Now to continue the story: All in all the trip was a great success! The Millsaps cheerleaders know how to make a trip worthwhile, and it was a great end to a perfect Football season!


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