The holiday of all holidays

As Thanksgiving break draws near the student body at Millsaps becomes more and more scarce.  Students who live farther away skip out at the beginning of the week, while the rest of us that stay behind are swamped with papers, tests, assignments, and the dreaded group projects.  Don’t let this scare you interested high school students!  While we do have out fair share of assignments I can assure you every student well…most students …will say it makes them better off in the long run.

Along with a mountain of pre-Thanksgiving work we also enter the holiday with the mountain of work during finals week that awaits our return.  The main thing that keeps our focus, and motivates students to continue working hard is the fact that unlike high school where teachers aren’t afraid to assign papers/work over the Christmas holidays, in college once Christmas break begins we are absolutely done! Those particular classes are over, and unless you’re “lucky” enough to be applying to grad schools or working on senior research papers nothing follows you to that month-long holiday!

With three  research papers, an exam, and a presentation, the main thing that is driving me this week is….BLACK FRIDAY! I have come to realize that I can not fully appreciate something if I have unfinished schoolwork looming over my head, and since Black Friday is probably my favorite holiday of the year, let me assure you I am kicking butt on some homework! 

My mother and I depart the house a little before midnight every year  on that fateful Friday, and head to the dark sleepy world outside.  We usually end up at Walmart around 4 am where the shopping turns even more of a madhouse.  If you haven’t witnessed Walmart on Black Friday you are pretty much missing the modern-day depiction of Gladiator except instead of gladiators it is middle-aged women with finger nails as sharp as swords clawing their way to that $10 crock pot!

After the excitement at Walmart we head to the mall where some stores open at 6 am, our favorite Black Friday store, Belk, is one of these early opening stores.  Belk is our favorite because the first 200 that walk through the doors not only get the first pick of the Early Bird specials, but also get handed a store gift card worth a mysterious amount of money.  Let me just say I happen to be quite the lucky person and two years ago got a gift card worth $100!  Mama got $5…

I won’t give too much of the Black Friday festivities away, after all I do need something to blog about next week!  It is always an eventful morning and I will undoubtedly have a number of stories to share like the time it was too cold to wait outside for the doors to open so we pulled the car up as close as possible to mark our spot in line (first), and slept in the warm cozy car.


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