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Guten Morgen…Wait no Gute Nacht.. or is it Guten Abend?…

Guten Tag! Meine Name ist Stevie.  Ich bin Amerikanerin und ich bin aus Biloxi. 

Yep “Good day.  My name is Stevie.  I am American and I am from Biloxi.” That is about as far as I have gotten in my adventures of learning the German language.  Why is it that after four years of studying French I am self inflicting hardship upon myself and learning yet another language?  The answer lies in the fact that I will be venturing across the pond to Vaduz, Liechtenstein in about two months.  As I have mentioned this before, the past few weeks away from school have made it all the more real. 

The first couple of weeks, every morning I would awake to an urgent email from the faculty at the University of Liechtenstein about some paperwork or required document that I had yet again forgotten to complete or simply omitted. They had obviously sent the email during normal work hours expected an immediate response, but….we are seven hours behind so obviously my responses were anything but rapid!

Just days before the school closed for Christmas holidays, I finally completed the required paperwork for a Residence Permit which was what had been holding up my Visa application as well.  Now before you all go and think I am a lazy being and not on top of my things, let me just tell you.  I have a File-O-Fax dedicated to this Study Abroad experience.  I have a planner complete with deadlines, and to do lists, and dates all of which have been met.  The hold up happened to be that I had simply forgotten to send one sheet with all of my other paperwork abroad.  This one sheet happened to be the one with my name, mother’s name, father’s name, address, etc….kind of important…oops.

Anyhow after excruciatingly waiting MORE than the 3-5 days which the post office promised the forms FINALLY arrived, and all was set to make me a legal immigrant in the country!  SUCCESS!!

I had finally reached the end of the paperwork and signatures that had been ongoing for months and months…oh wait NOT REALLY!  I was emailed more and more forms to complete including buddy information and registration for the Introduction Week. 

Digression-The Introduction Week is one of the highlights of my experiences!  It is a week-long program for exchange students to participate in crash german courses, a scavenger hunt throughout the city, and a meal where everyone cooks something from their home country.  How exciting does that sound?!  More details to follow don’t worry!

Back to my story (if you could call this a story…) As of now, I have completed all of the paperwork that is within my power.  There will certainly be more to follow, but I can’t really complain, after all a little paperwork is nothing compared to the five month adventure I am about to embark on!

Christmas morning was accompanied by a European power converter, vacuum seal bags, a German pocket dictionary, and  a learn German course type program. I was obviously a good girl for Santa to bestow such a gifts upon me!  Ok stop mocking me…I am a nerd and I am not afraid to admit it! So there.

I have set a goal for myself that includes 10 pages of German lessons a day. Sounds easy right? WRONG.  After about the fourth page of the lovely computerized people spitting out German words at the speed of light, my attention span caves and I am back to the TV watching all of the shows I missed throughout the semester.  I was actually doing some of the lessons just minutes ago…I decided to blog instead…see attention span…GONE!

Anyhow no more complaining on my part!  All of that wasn’t actually complaining merely catching you up on my Christmas activities so that I can begin telling you about the fun study abroad preparations that have been taking place! Here is a sneak peak: Bucket List- 1. Bungee jump off a bridge in Switzerland.

Don’t you want to read my next blog and find out more?  Oh and those of you that are reading and trying to choose a college.  CLEARLY Millsaps is the school.  What other college would allow me to spend 5 months in Europe for the same price that they pay in Jackson?!