From the outside looking in

Due to my study abroad decision I find myself currently in collegiate limbo.  All of my Millsaps friends returned to school weeks ago, my last few high school friends returned just after that, and I find myself still at home spending my days in the gym, on the couch, and at work.  Don’t get me wrong this is the life that most college students would kill for, and I do bask in its glory sometimes, but as most who know me will tell you I am not one for doing nothing. 

I have always worked a number of jobs (even while at Millsaps), I study around the clock,  and if I am not studying or working I am most likely doing something else to keep me busy.  Sure there are a number of things that I could be doing while at home.  I COULD be rearranging my room, but whats the fun in that?  I COULD be learning a new talent or hobby, but that just takes too much effort.  There are a number of things that I COULD be doing, I just find myself NOT. 

Last Wednesday I finally put this period of intense laze to rest and made the trek to Jackson for a weekend with my friends and Millsaps family.  My arrival was a complete surprise so I was greeted with everything from embarrassing squeals of joy to sheer confusion by some.  It took all of an hour to return to my Millsaps grind and remember just why I love this place so much. 

I began to indulge in the talk of the Millsaps scramble, students scurrying from here to there, my roommate and suitemates discussing just how much reading or work they had for their classes, and more. This experience was beyond any Millsaps experience I have had.  For the following days, I was an outsider looking in.  I had no homework to fret over, no meetings to attend, and ultimately no responsibilities. I was able to sleep as late as I wanted, roam the campus whenever I wanted, and basically do whatever I wanted. 

On Sunday, the usual time I find myself buried in homework I went and saw a movie!  On Thursday morning, when I usually find myself getting dressed for success I threw on a pair of Nike shorts and took the day by storm.  And on Monday when I would usually awake to a looming awareness of the week’s activities I awoke without a single thing on my agenda! 

It has been rather nice; traipsing the campus without a care in the world.  I will return home tomorrow to eagerly await February 22, the day that I ascend upon my semester abroad’s adventure, although yet again I will return a bit different than I left.  My visit to Millsaps reminded me just what type of students and community we are.  While we can appreciate the joy in relaxing on the couch with a good movie on, there comes a point when productivity must overcome laze!  I WILL NOT spend another day of my extended Christmas break lounging around waiting for something exciting to come along!  A few days at Millsaps reminded me that waiting is merely an excuse for other colleges’ students.  Millsaps students don’t wait…we organize, we do, we start, we lead!


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