Climbing the castle wall!

While this may not quite require an ENTIRE blog to describe I will somehow manage to tell you anyway, because I just know how much you want to read about another one of our fabulous expeditions!

So here goes…

On Wednesday morning Jennifer and I set out to explore a bit of the surrounding area.  Buchs, Switzerland was our destination; however, once we ended up there we quickly realized we didn’t exactly have a plan of action for the day…oops. Don’t get me wrong wandering around a city for the day without a plan is definitely possible, but this city is quite small so that would have taken probably a whole…1.5 hours!

Instead of wandering…I remembered a place I had come across when googling things to do in the surrounding areas of Liechtenstein.  Werdenberg, an old medieval town became our mission and after asking our lovely friend at the train station for directions we set off on Banhofstrasse for a 15 minute walk to the “suburbs” of the city.

Let me just explain to you, I use the word “suburbs” VERY loosely.  The entire town of Buchs is so small it can pretty much be defined as the suburbs, but…compared to Vaduz, I guess it is considered a rather large city.

Anyhow… we wandered through the streets in search of a castle that we were told we “couldn’t miss”, and low and behold there was a castle! And a lovely cluster of houses nestled under its eaves. PLUS…a pond right in front of the old city complete with swans, ducks, an outdoor restaurant-the whole bit! People of all ages were gathered around the pond, eating lunch, catching up, walking dogs, etc.  It is still so unreal that what seems like normal everyday activities to everyone here is just having lunch…by a pond…near an old castle built in 1228, beneath the ALPS!  I guess if you have lived your entire life here it would be normal, but I still can’t help, but feel like the luckiest student in the world with each new breathtaking sight!

Take this morning for instance.  I awoke to the site of mountains outside of my bedroom window (which I am slowly getting used to), and set out for a morning jog (really in order to work off all those Cosmic brownies I have been consuming).  And where exactly did I run? Oh just along the Rhine River, beneath the Swiss Alps, along the border of Switzerland and Liechtenstein! NBD…that is just normal here!  Maybe in a few months I will get used to that, but I sure hope not!  I love the surprise I get every time I glance up and see snow glinting off some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Now…that was quite the side story so…back to the Werdenberg Castle!  We made our way around the pond, and somehow ended up in the middle of the old city and found our way up the mountain to the castle.  Since it isn’t tourist season quite yet, the museum wasn’t open and we had the ENTIRE premise to ourselves.  Now normally being the only ones around would mean we could just talk a little louder, but no….not for me! This meant I just HAD to climb the castle wall!

And yes. I did just that. And it was TOTALLY worth it! Just check out the pictures and see!  I guess I could give you a little bit of history about the Werdenberg city but…I couldn’t read any of the signs so feel free to just imagine your own history of the place, I know I did.

After our adventures in the castle we headed back to “town” for a bite to eat, and ended up at a Konditorei (bakery pretty much), and for lunch of course I somehow ordered a berliner.  I know stereotypical right? But it was very much worth it!  Maybe Kennedy didn’t make a mistake after all…you eat one of those and tell me you don’t want to be a berliner either!  Jennifer on the other hand was a bit more unlucky.  What she thought to be a salmon sandwich was in fact salmon but…cooked? Not so much…  She is a champ though and ate the entire thing anyway!

The rest of the day includes not very many exciting details so I guess my story ends there.  Don’t worry though, because at 12:15 tonight I will be en route to Vienna with much more stories to come!

Interesting facts I learned this week:

1.  I am completely incapable of passing up a bakery.  Seriously, it is a problem.

2.  Olive oil and sunflower oil will not in fact cook beignets like vegetable oil will at home…

3.  Sour patch kids truly are the best sour candies ever.  Just ask the foreigners that tried them this week, they will agree.

4.  Potato soup made abroad is much more difficult than in America…just ask Jennifer.

5.  Projectors are called beamers here. 



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