Final day in Vienna

Since the other two have been just so entertaining, I guess I should finally disclose details of our last day in Vienna. I must warn you though, while it was great the first two days were filled with much more exciting things so if you aren’t up for some relaxing tales just call it quits now.

Our hostel required us to check out, and by check out I mean be good and gone, by 10 am so as we lethargically woke about 45 minutes before then it was quite the scramble to get 8 people dressed and ready and out the door.  Most of us accomplished the task. Memo..not so much, but I guess we will blame it on Princess Rodrigo for taking so long in the shower.  (He’s probably going to kill me for that, but most likely he won’t even read this so don’t worry…)

Once we checked out and gained our footing and a plan for the day, Jennifer, Elina, and I headed to the Prater (a famous Viennese “amusement park”) while the others set to look at buildings…ALL DAY.  Reminder- they are architects so that is a completely normal daily activity.

Once we grabbed a breakfast at the nearby ice cream shop (yes I had ice cream for breakfast…and?) we caught the closest U-bahn (metro) and arrived at the Prater.  For those culture junkies, the Prater is the sight of the famous “Ferris Wheel” and is also known for a scene in an Orson Welles movie “The Third Man”.  It was such an interesting place to start off the last morning in Vienna.  What was so neat was that most everything was very “USA” themed; however, there was still a touch of foreign flair. They had everything from bumper cars, to roller coaster (ish) rides, to cotton candy stands.  Tourguide Kenny had instructed us to not waste time on any of the other rides, and instead go straight to the back of the park and hop on a ride that would give us the best view of Vienna, and boy was he right!

The ride was a set of swings that went straight up (high enough to see the entire city) and swung you around at a completely relaxing speed.  Once closer to the ground it sped up almost as if to give its riders their last moment of Vienna in one short turn.  We might have…kind of…ok we did break the rules and brought up a camera with us so Jennifer will have some fantastic video in her blogs to come!  After the spectacular ride, Jennifer and I decided it was again time to eat, and since the Turkish restaurant was just so darn good the day before that is exactly where we wanted to go again.

Problem was…we didn’t exactly remember the street name, or even what U-bahn stop to get off on.  We were determined to find it ourselves so while Tourguide Kenny had offered to meet up with us and take us we refused his offer, merely got the U-bahn stop out of him, and set out hoping our memories wouldn’t serve us wrong.  And in case you were wondering…they didn’t!  We made it straight to the restaurant without a single hitch. Booyah Tourguide Kenny!

Kenny met us at the restaurant and decided he wanted to take us to his host family’s house for a relaxing evening before we headed back to Vaduz.  And relaxing it was.  The house he is staying in has such a magnificent location in the hills of Vienna, with a view of the city like no other, and the nicest family one could hope for.  His host mother, father, and brother greeted us with something I can only equate to our Southern hospitality.  They were so pleased to meet Kenny’s American friends, and would NOT let us leave without eating dinner and dessert!

So after a lovely dinner, a relaxing evening, and a fantastic weekend we parted ways with Kenny and headed to the hostel to meet up with the gang before heading back to the Uni. An 8 hour train ride later and we were back to our home away from home.  It is such a strange thing to admit, but while the weekend was more fabulous than I could ask for, I actually missed the mountains!  Looking up from the streets and not seeing those snow kissed peaks made me even more grateful for the location I am studying/living.  I speak for the 8 of use, when I say the trip was definitely a success and one for the books.  Many pictures were taken, many sights seen, and many memories made. Here is to the next weekend getaway!

Five interesting facts (Not all of which are related to the Vienna trip):

1.  Never eat at a Mexican restaurant in Austria.  Shredded carrots in salsa really?  And charging extra for the tortillas when you order fajitas…no joke!

2.  Multi grain cheerios and chocolate granola (schoko mush) combined is a killer breakfast!

3.  Sunbathing in the mountains IS indeed possible.  Did I do it? Absolutely.

4.  The game Characters is MUCH more difficult with people from all over the world.  How am I supposed to know famous soccer players?! Come on.

5.  It really is a shame that the US isn’t on the metric system.  Communication with people from everywhere else is nearly impossible! Oh and don’t even ask me to tell someone what normal Mississippi temperature is…it takes thirty minutes just to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius!


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