Indulge me in my procrastination of studying…

It has been quite a calm week around here…no jumping off bridges just a few bonding nights at the dorms and a day trip to Innsbruck.  Like I mentioned a few

Quite a few weddings in Innsbruck this weekend! We got to see everything from the salute, to the cultural dress, and more.

posts ago, Jennifer and I have been really trying to take full advantage of the local area and the camaraderie with our friends and fellow students here and we were indeed successful the past couple of days.

Last Friday we had a girls lunch outing with the fabulous Mrs. Kay, and American

From a previous post, the boys VERY seriously decorating their American flag cakes. Commence USA chant now!

transplant in Liechtenstein which was of course full of food, good conversation, oh and in English!  I never realized how nice it is to be able to talk with someone who understands every reference to home, US politics, or even pop fiction! Friday night was quite the opposite. Jennifer and I attended an event in Schaan

Embracing the local Indian culture for the night.

which celebrated the opening of a new Indian photography exhibit complete with Indian cuisine and a speech by the Foreign Affairs  Minister. Who by the way is the most amazing woman ever!  Seriously, she had a baby less than 2 months ago and looks FABULOUS as well as dresses to the nines, and has a great powerful aura about her.

Enjoying our tour of Innsbruck.

Saturday was our buddy trip to nearby Innsbruck, which while great was also quite bittersweet for me. This after all was the last official traveling I will do before I leave, and I won’t ever again be 20, carefree, and studying abroad. Quite emotional, but of course I didn’t let this bitter truth stop me from having a fantastic day! We toured the city, and afterwards did a bit of shopping and enjoyed cocktails in a venue with a 360 degree view of the city.

PS-When I say shopping one of my purchases was a (non official) Germany football jersey from H & M for 4.95 euros! Best purchase thus far!!

Elina, Jennifer, and I left Innsbruck a bit earlier than the group to attend a barbecue at a fellow students house in Bludenz, Austria. See I told you we are meeting locals!  It was a very interesting/neat experience to be able to enjoy the

Caught in action enjoying Innsbruck!

company of so many new people and locals, as well as step inside a legit Austrian home!  Although water balloons may have caused red wine to cover my white shirt and skirt and face with Greek sauce, the food was delicious, the company excellent, and the night superb.

Sunday was spent lounging by the public pool and continuing the dreaded final exam preparations. And let me emphasize the DREADED part. I have been studying for quite some time, but as with anything I always like to be fully prepared so the non stop studying shall continue until next Wednesday at 3:30 when I will officially be done!

Sunday Jennifer and I put our newly purchased jerseys to use, and attended a

Victory for Deutschland!!

public viewing of the Germany vs. Denmark Euro 2012 game in downtown Schaan.  I guess it is about time to admit that I am officially a football fan, and from here on out will be a loyal Deutschland fan. You have to start somewhere right?!

Oh I almost forgot, I also cooked chicken gumbo and bread pudding for a dinner party at the dorms one night, as well as red beans and rice another. I have found I really enjoy cooking for others, and when I get home dinner parties will certainly become a regular event of mine.

Enough rambling about pointless things…I guess I better return to studying about European Financial Law…

Thank you for indulging me in this post which really was for no other reason than to take a break from studying…hopefully it wasn’t too boring! Till next time.


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