And so it ends…or begins?

I can assure you this won’t be a long post nor will it be filled with crazy exciting trips, because you see in only 2 days I will board a plane bound for the States.  Yes, that is right on Monday my four and a half months of studying, developing,

This is from the Latvian bonfire/dinner party. In Latvia they celebrate (hard core) the shortest night of the year at the “Midsummer Fest”, which we of course had to do here as well! Oh and yes, I did make that AMAZING flower crown.

and amazing memories will come to a close.  The sadness and pain of leaving is battled with happiness and excitement to return home; however, the thought that I won’t ever have an experience like this again is enough to make small puppies cry.

The end of last week, and the beginning of this week I spent hours and hours fretting over exams and cramming studying in so the thought of departure rarely entered my mind. But with exams in my rearview mirror and the days flying by, the reality of leaving becomes more and more vivid. I packed up for good on Friday, and believe me it was much more exciting the first time!

While I may have packed up my belongings and completed my departure paperwork, I without a doubt packed away all of the semester’s memories as well. From late nights socializing, to galavants across Europe, to being blindsided by final exams, I will always hold the memories and experiences of this semester as a reminder of the woman I have become as well as the amazing people who I have met, and the bonds formed.

My flower crown was just so great, Rocio had to steal it for a picture.

That old saying “all good things come to an end” may be technically true, but I truly believe this is the beginning of so much more. The friends I have made will truly be those I have for the rest of my life all across the world, and the skills/knowledge I have acquired while abroad will undoubtedly lead me to pursue great things. After all I can’t let it go to waste!

I told you I would keep it short, so as promised I will now conclude this post with five interesting facts of the week:

1. Final exams are no joke. These professors mean business, and even though I feel I was as prepared as possible, I still am not 100% I passed.  Only time will tell, and believe me as soon as grades are posted you will know!

2. Football fans REALLY like to rub it in when their teams wins and yours doesn’t. Just wait until next time Italy…

3. The anticipation of being home on the Coast in God’s country can only be satisfied by blaring Jimmy Buffet on full volume for the nest 3 days.

Our lovely Latvian hostesses!

4. Wearing a dirndl in public and having people assume you speak German and then having to let them down is probably the most disheartening thing ever.

5. Fun fact: my mother has literally been counting down the hours until I am home.  For the past two weeks. Miss me much?


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