Life’s a beach

WARNING- This post contains no pictures; however, I promise to make up for it in the next post, it may be a post of ONLY pictures we’ll just see…

It has certainly been a whirlwind week! Adjusting to life back at home and in the states, leaving for the beach the day after I returned, and spending the last few days reunited with my best friend relaxing and lounging around.  There is just something about catching up, watching guilty reality tv (reruns of The Hills to be exact), and eating some much missed southern food. Katherine’s Mama just happens to be an amazing cook-fish, steak, crab meat, you name it and we have been chowing down on it!

Although the weather has been a bit dreary, Mother Nature sure can’t put a damper on my celebratory return home trip to the beach. Speaking of return home, this Saturday the fam will be hosting a “Welcome Home” shrimp/crab boil which of course all came about with my mother and I’s desire to have homemade ice cream. What a better excuse to make ice cream than a crab boil with all of the neighbors and family friends around the pool to celebrate?

I guess I do seem to be rambling a bit, but as it rains outside of the condo I thought what a better thing to do than blog to my faithful 4 followers?!  I still haven’t quite adjusted to the whole being home thing, and since technically I was only “home” for about one day I guess I still have a bit more adjusting to do. I’ll keep you posted on the repatriation progress, and maybe next post will be a bit more intriguing; after all I will be attempting to cook my first international recipe for the family this weekend. Czech fruit cake-wish me luck!

PS-I forgot to mention in my first “stateside” post that Mama and the family successfully managed to embarrass me in more ways than one! First of all mother ran onto the plane as soon as it landed holding a bouquet of flowers and a Welcome Home Stevie sign just about in tears. THEN proceeded to announce over the entire airport intercom about my return, plus when I got home there was anenormous sign above the garage including balloons on the front door and my entire room decorated with streamers and balloons. Can you say excited?


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