Nothing but photos!

The weekend was filled with friends, family, and good food as we celebrated my return home in true Coast style with a crab/shrimp boil. While the following pictures are not of high quality, I am pretty proud of myself because I cooked a few of my first European recipes for the family. So as promised, a post of only photos!



Yummy Czech fruit cake in the oven!  Didn’t turn out quite like Magda’s did when she cooked it at the Uni but…still pretty darn good! Especially with homemade chocolate chip ice cream. Delicious!

Mama’s baked beans about to go in the oven. I sure missed her cooking while I was gone, and there just isn’t anything that comes close to baked beans on a summer day!


Finished product of the Czech fruit cake.  Very cobbler like, but much better and even the brother that doesn’t like plums ate it up! Mission accomplished.



Fried okra. Enough said.




This is how we serve boiled crabs on the Coast…dump them out on the table (or in an old boat) and dig in! There is just nothing better.



Daddy didn’t stop at boiled crabs. No, he added 30 lbs. of boiled shrimp too! Another taste of home I missed so much.


Finished product of the Swiss/Liechtenstein meal I cooked for the family. On the left is a Blechrosti made with potatoes, bacon bits, cheese, and eggs and on the right Zuri Gschnatzlets or chicken with mushrooms, cream, onions, and white wine sauce. A Rueblitorte (carrot cake) was for dessert, and surprisingly enough it tasted EXACTLY like the one we made at the Uni!

Till next time!




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