The memories seem to be fading.

It seems like time is flying now that I am home!  I’ve officially been state side for nearly 3 weeks, and while it is more than great to be home I’m faced with a daily dilemma: forgetting. Everyday more and more of the small memories and experiences I had while abroad seem to slip my mind and are only conjured up if I think deeply or take a trip down memory lane on Facebook.

You would think such an AMAZING experience would be almost impossible to begin forgetting, and don’t get me wrong I’m not forgetting everything, it is just so much happened in the nearly 5 months I was gone that not being surrounded by the culture and people everyday reminders seem to come less often.  I am constantly asked “How was your trip?” or “Oh you’re back, how was the experience?” and while the questions seems an easy one, easy is quite the opposite. You see I have come to understand that when someone asks that question they don’t in fact want to hear EXACTLY what it was like and where I went on this trip, or what I did that weekend, or who I met there they simply want to express their interest and nothing more. This being the case, I have come to answer these questions with a simple “Oh, it was fantastic! I can’t imagine not having done it:, and what do you know? This satisfies the inquirer and the conversation usually takes a turn either A. to another subject or B. if they really are interested to “so what was your favorite part?”

This question brings along an entirely new dilemma, because you see everything was my favorite part! Having to choose ONE part is nearly unimaginable, but I have developed a rather strategic answer to this question. It goes somewhat like this:  “Geez, I loved everything about the experience!  I really enjoyed traveling and seeing a good bit of Europe, but I also enjoyed the culture and Alps that surrounded me in Liechtenstein. It was also pretty neat getting to learn about the US from the outside looking in in a lot of my classes, but I think one of my favorite parts was just living with all of the different people in the dorms. We lived with people from all over the world, and go to hang out, mess around, go out, and cook all kinds of amazing international dishes which was a really neat experience!”

Give or take a few bits that is pretty much how I answer those that ask me to choose a favorite. I admit that doesn’t exactly highlight ONE particular part, but it embodies a good bit of the amazing things that took place in my months abroad.

I could not be more thankful to my family, Millsaps, and the big guy for the opportunity I had, and for Jennifer for being the amazing friend that I know won’t ever let me forget our time abroad. If I hadn’t had her abroad, I fear I truly would forget a great deal about the people and experiences, but I know once reunited we will have each other to reminisce about perhaps the best experience of our lives. (mine for sure thus far)

I apologize again for the lack of pictures, but maybe I’ll make it up to you soon. And after spending  time on this post, I shall now begin organizing and scrap booking my pictures from the semester so I will never completely forget!


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