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Students welcome Hurricane Isaac with open arms…and a day off from classes!

Well… I currently write to you sitting on a friend’s couch while binging on animal crackers, rocking the college sweatpants wardrobe, when I would normally otherwise be in class.  Students here are enjoying our day off from classes thanks to a little friend we call Isaac…Hurricane Isaac that is.

When the email that classes were cancelled went out late last night, you would have thought the administration had just declared a last-minute holiday! (well I guess they kind of did…)  The dorms suddenly livened up, and what would normally would have been a subdued Wednesday night turned into the beginning of a six-day weekend for many upperclassmen! I can attest to participating in “Hurricane Party” activities which include getting together and riding out the storm in the company of friends, television, and lots of junk food of course.

Feeling about 10 pounds heavier this morning, I awoke bright and early to meet with one of the candidates for the new Vice President of Institutional Advancement at the college.  Dr. Pearigen and his staff repeatedly expressed how grateful they were that the three of us woke so early on a day with no classes and braved the rain to be there…I didn’t have the heart to tell him that contrary to his belief I’m not in fact one of those cool kids that can sleep until noon or so.  Breaking news: I am definitely that nerd that wakes up at 8 (at the latest) without an alarm, and even that is considered sleeping in!! But I’ll just let them think I made a HUGE sacrifice this morning.

Speaking of Dr. Pearigen, I can’t remember if I shared this tid bit with you all, but I am fortunate enough to be taking a class taught the president himself.  Yes, you heard that correctly, the President of the College is indeed teaching a class (and does so every semester)…talk about hands on administration and leadership!  We had our second class meeting Tuesday, and I can now say without a doubt he is probably THE smartest chap I know!  Seriously…The class is Constitutional Law, which assumes the professor knows a great deal about the Constitution, but this chap not only knows every word of the document, but also the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Federalist Papers, just about every Supreme Court case and decision, oh and EVERY justice that has EVER served. NOT A JOKE.   Dr. Pearigen sure knows his stuff, and he does all of this on top his ridiculously busy schedule running the College.  If you can’t tell by now, I (as well as the entire Millsaps community) am a HUGE fan of our president.  After all at what other college can you walk across campus and be assured to be called by name by the President?  Or find his wife just gardening away in front of one of the buildings on a Sunday morning?

Enough gushing about how amazing the Pearigen couple is, on to the weekend’s upcoming activities- The Backyard Brawl.  The event is the first football game of the season, and happens to be between Millsaps and our age-old rival Mississippi College.  While not a conference game, the Backyard Brawl is one of the most anticipated events of the school year.  Originally scheduled for tonight, the game (thanks to ole Isaac) has been moved to Saturday afternoon, and I will be sure to give you an update on who emerges victorious, but I have a feeling the winning team might rhyme with the Tillsaps Najors….Just a guess.

I assume I have taken up enough of your time and I have sufficiently procrastinated on finishing a job application so I shall leave you with this parting picture. Happy Thursday!

The weather isn’t quite this bad today, but as the rain continues our Millcats might in fact be in need of rescuing!


Millsaps in Fondren!

Jackson offers a number of benefits as a college town, and Millsaps students all too often forget just what great jewels are within reach! This past Saturday, students (including myself) were exposed to some of the greatness just down the street…literally.  Millsaps and an historical and eclectic area called Fondren partnered for what is sure to be an annual event called Millsaps Fondren Day where students, alumni, and faculty received discounts and promotions at stores all throughout the area.  From 15% off at Sal and Mookie’s the local pizzeria (owned by a Millsaps alum) to a 2 for 1 milkshake special at Brent’s Drug Store- coincidentally the same store featured in the movie The Help where Emma Stone goes for milkshakes!  Yes….it’s kind of a big deal.

The day was a smashing success, and I can personally attest to cashing in on a number of the days deals including 10% off of wine from the local Fondren Cellars to a free dessert with my purchase at Fat Sumo the sushi restaurant in the area.  I figure the best way to tell you more about the event is to share some pictures from the day’s festivities! The pictures are all courtesy of the Millsaps College Facebook page for whatever copyright things exist… Hope you enjoy.

Millsaps alumni, current students, and faculty gather at the Millsaps tent where participants received free Millsaps gear and coupons for the day!


Millsaps students enjoy lunch at Rooster’s, a local burger and fries favorite.

The Fondren trolley, which runs daily throughout Fondren and to Millsaps was the mode of transportation for Millsaps Fondren Day. Free rides and the nicest trolley conductor EVER!!


Freshman guys and Lewis enjoy the sunshine and fruits Fondren has to offer!


Susan Harmon, Jennifer Goebel, and myself enjoying a senior outing. Hopefully there will be many more to come! Oh and reppin’ our Millsaps wardrobe!

This is the line that resulted from Brent’s offering 2 for 1 milkshakes. Can you say…BUSY?!



Convocation brought tears to my eyes…wait what?!

On this bright and sunny Thursday afternoon, I must make a confession.  Yes, I do indeed have a little secret that only you loyal readers will now know! I ALMOST cried today…and not for the obvious reason of a sad little puppy or a sappy movie, but because I attended Convocation, an event at which the newest members of the Millsaps community formally sign the Honor Code and are welcomed home. I’ll explain how the tears came about at a later moment, but for now continue reading…

You see, the last time I was at this event I was an eager, bushy eyed little freshman who thought I was HOT stuff! Three years later, I attended Convocation as part of my Foundation Leader duties; however, this time as an older, worried, and no less bushy eyed senior.  Sitting in the Recital Hall that holds so many memories and watching as the beloved faculty marched in robed in their traditional garb, I couldn’t help but realize that the next time I see a sight like this I too will be in a graduation gown saying goodbye to the people and place I have called home for so long.

I truly believe Millsaps has, and will continue to prepare me to be successful in life and as the saying goes “With every ending there is a beginning.”  At this point in time that saying to me is merely a statement, because I just can’t quite come to terms with the “END” yet.  The end  of impromptu cafeteria stalking sessions. The end of late night trips to Waffle House with good friends and random students you met that night. The end of seeing everyday the people and community that have assisted in my educational, personal, and social journey throughout my time at Millsaps.

At this point the beginning to look forward to involves more fear and anxiety than I am used to. The beginning of bills, bills, and more bills. The beginning of living alone and no longer having my roommate to lay on the futon and watch Gilmore Girls with when we’re sick of studying! The beginning of a career (fingers crossed) that will lead to a number of other frightful beginnings.  The beginning of big kid life!  While I focus on the fear/anxiety/nervousness of the impending ending/beginning that will occur in May, I can’t let myself mislead you.  I can’t deny that along with these emotions I also am excited, eager, and ready for these frightening beginnings that lie ahead.

These new beginnings are my opportunity to show off perhaps the most precious gift Millsaps has bestowed upon me; the unwavering ability to tackle any challenge with eagerness, openness, and a MAJOR smile! ( You like that pun I just threw in there?)

Three years ago at my freshman convocation, the Millsaps Chamber Singers sang an inspiring  rendition of “Singabahambayo” an African folk song (I think). The song left such an impression I downloaded it onto my ITunes immediately after, and have since listened to every time I need a little uplifting reminder of how lucky and blessed I am!  Today the Chamber Singers again sang the song, and that exact moment is what brought tears to my eyes!  No matter how intimidating senior year may be, that song reminded me that there is an entire Millsaps community behind myself and the other seniors encouraging and enabling us to reach our full potential.  Upon a quick Google translation I found a common English translation of “Singahambayo” is “An Army is Marching”, and there is no greater truth.  The army of the Millsaps Class of 2013 is marching and we are ready to conquer the world one city, state, person, and society at a time!

Cheers to you Class of 2013 let’s show these folks how to go out in style!

Let the highlight reel begin!

Well the day has finally arrived…my LAST first day of school…Ever.  After all these years, I never thought the day would bring such great sadness/excitement/fear/any other sappy emotion. Those that know me know that I am not one to eagerly share my emotions or feelings, but after being gone for such time, I can’t help but unload my impending fear/excitement of the future on those around me.  Sure I am a senior, sure I graduate in less than a year; does that mean I have my entire life planned out? Unfortunately not. I haven’t quite come to terms with this lack of direction, but everyone assures me it is entirely normal and almost expected to have no clear path following graduation.  When I become okay with that sentence I will certainly let you know, but until then I shall continue late night Google searches that go something like “What to do with an Economics degree?” or “Jobs after college” or “What should I do with my life?”  So far nothing has been successful, apparently you have to be more specific or something…idk.

As I begin my fourth and final year at Millsaps , I only see it fit to remember some of the best memories from the past years. Some involve studies, others friends, some parties, and others professors.  There is of course not enough time or space to write all of the memories Millsaps has given me (plus you’d get bored anyway) so I will only include those that come immediately to mind. Here goes…

1. Getting kicked out of the FDIC in Washington D.C. – This of course sounds much worse than the actual story, but in fact the Economics department, including two professors, did in fact get asked by security to leave the FDIC building.  You see, every other year the Economics department takes a trip to Washington in order to meet professionals in the field and explore the Capitol city and last fall I was able to attend the trip.  We were a bit early for our appointment at the Federal Reserve and it happened to be raining, but of course all of the museums were closed on a Monday so we sought shelter at the nearest open building we could find- the FDIC. They had an “exhibit” on the history of the department which took all of 5 minutes to look at so we begin to lounge on the nearby window sills and air conditioning units as we attempted to wait out the storm. Well….. this didn’t last long, and we were shortly asked to leave the building and loiter elsewhere! So yes, Dr. Susan Taylor and Dr. Blakely Fender along with a handful of students have officially been asked to leave a government building! Check that one off the bucket list.

2. This second memory happens to involve bad weather as well, but don’t worry no government officials. Every year Millsaps play Mississippi College in a football game known as The Backyard Brawl.  At last years game, the weather of course refused to cooperate, and as cheerleaders we were obliged to cheer our team on- in the rain, for hours, WITHOUT rain gear!  Cold, drenched, and as attractive as ever (sarcasm) we cheered the entire game and the next week the President of the College’s wife, Phoebe, sent some brand new rain jackets our way and we never shivered a game away again! Good times…

3. Exams are a stressful time for all students no matter what the year or school. My sophomore year I was lucky enough to have a few classes with a dynamic group which included the one and only Jennifer Goebel, Konner Joplin, and Russel Pellicino.  Throughout the semester we formed quite the study posse and one of our favorite traditions became studying our behinds off and going on a late night Waffle House trip the night before the test.  It became our reward for studying hard and a ritual that was fortunately successful since we all passed the class!  I won’t mention what it did to our waist lines….

4. Freshman year I attended my first ever LSU game with  a gal I know call my best friend, but at the time we were two young, inseparable, giddy freshies. (Eh not much has changed really…)  I had never experienced anything like Death Valley, and while quite different from the Millsaps game day experience I LOVED that day so very much!  That is the moment I mark as the beginning of my official “movie like” college life. I was traveling home with a college best friend, we conquered the city of Baton Rouge and our friendship has only grown from there!

I figure over 800 words is about enough for anyone to read on this Monday morning, so instead of continuing I shall save my other memories for a later post!  I enjoyed this little memoir, so be on the lookout (a favorite Millsaps saying) for more like it!

Sneak peek into your first few days at Millsaps!

I hope you are lucky enough to be in this stellar group: the one and only Christie Campbell, Lewis Peters, and Stevie Cantrell!


have officially arrived and moved into Millsaps for the last time. The sadness of that statement will surely resurrect at another point, but for the time being it is nothing but excitement!  I was fortunate enough to have the support of my entire family (brother included) on Friday to help me move in.  I pulled up to

campus at 9:00 am (a bit behind schedule thanks to Mother’s bathroom breaks), and had only 30 minutes before I had to be at my first meeting of the day.  Which is where my family came into the picture.  They were nice enough to move ALL of my stuff into my second story room and even unpack it AND set everything up!  Talk about a lucky gal!  I was able to meet them for lunch and only a few hours later said goodbye to them for the last fall semester.  After our goodbyes I returned to my hectic Millsaps schedule, and I can say it is good to be back!

See what you are getting?…some sweet skills if I do say so myself.

The past few days I have split between sorority workshop and Foundations training, and as a first time senior Foundations leader it has definitely been a learning experience!  We are eagerly preparing to welcome the Class of 2016 to the Millsaps campus and if you are looking for a little sneak peek as to what to expect your first few days on campus read on!

All 40+ of your Foundations leaders will be there on Thursday to assist with your arrival and more importantly the transportation of your crazy heavy things!  Move in day works like a well oiled machine so have no fear you won’t have to carry that refrigerator or giant suitcase full of stuffed animals (joking…maybe) by yourself!

After moving in you, will embark on your first activities as a Millsaps student. From dinner to games to meet and greets you will cover it all, and I can assure you there will not be a lack of things to do.  We intend to keep you busy, moving, and pumped up to begin your Millsaps career! Skit practices began this afternoon so get excited to be entertained by the one and only Foundations group of 2012!  Seriously.

If you are still trying to hectically get things ready for school I thought of a few more things to put on your “to pack list”:

  • pillows- Something very easy to forget, yet so important!
  • throw blanket- you will want to have one of these for those study sessions in The Bowl on a nice autumn day
  • Command strips- These are used to hang pictures, wall decorations, the occasional calendar, etc. and you will undoubtedly not have enough so go ahead and buy more than you think you will need…

Just running around for a bit…

Another important tid bit for those of us girls that have quite a lot of clothing- LEAVE THE WINTER CLOTHES AT HOME!  Obviously some of y’all that live rather far away don’t have this option, but if you live within driving home range this tip will make your life MUCH easier. A. You will have less clothes to unload on Move In day, and B. you will have more room in your closet, and C. it’s Mississippi…you won’t need those winter sweaters until after Fall Break anyway so leave them home. End of story.

As I write this post I am completely exhausted from Foundations training (and a bit distracted from the Olympic closing ceremonies) so I think it best to conclude now.  I hope you are getting excited about your new adventure beginning, because I know we are ready for your arrival!  See you soon Class of 2016!


Tips for surviving freshman Move In day!

As the end of the week and the beginning of my final year at Millsaps rapidly approaches (and by rapidly I mean in 3 days!!) I guess it is about time to ease up on the study abroad blogs, and begin focusing on my beloved life at Mother Millsaps.  My semester in Europe will undoubtedly make a reappearance throughout my next posts as it greatly influenced my life, but I can only bore y’all so long and it’s time to get down to business!

As I mentioned this will officially be my last time to make the trek to Millsaps for the beginning of a school year, and my final journey with a car and truck full of dorm room supplies.  After four years (plus 3 previous with an older brother) I think I can finally consider my self a “move-in pro”.  For those freshmen that are making the trip to Jackson for the first time, allow me to give you some move in wisdom to make your first college experience a bit less stressful.

1.  First thing is first, bring your parents!! (and little sister, or brother)  I know I know you have graduated and are ready to flee the old high school life, but trust me you will want to have your family around on that first (and for me even last) move in day.  Not only do they provide great able-bodied workers to carry all those clothes to and fro, but no matter how much you are ready to leave home behind and begin college, I can promise you will get a little choked up and homesick.  Even those tough football players want to say goodbye to their Mamas and believe me the Mamas will want to say goodbye to you!  If for some reason your parents can’t make it, bring the siblings, or the friend, or the crazy family uncle!  The more the merrier!

2. Avoid buying those “pre packaged” college dorm room kits!  If you’ve already bought it you might want to look into taking them back…Cree (my older brother) bought this his first year, and I am pretty sure only the comforter made it through to sophomore year!  Those “all in one” kits from Target or Bed Bath & Beyond are looking to prey on the young and unsuspecting college freshman. Don’t take the bait!  It is much cheaper and worthwhile to buy a separate comforter and sheet set, add the pillows you want, and stick to the basics.

3. Don’t forget curtains!  (and the rod)  Most, if not all, of the rooms at Millsaps have blinds; however, you will want to make your room as homey as possible so head to the store and pick up a pair of curtains or buy some material and even sew your own.  Don’t worry about them being perfect, because chances are they won’t make it to senior year anyway…I know mine didn’t.  As far as the curtain rod goes, I suggest buying an adjustable one because you never know how big the windows will be or just how well it will fit.

4.  For bathroom supplies, shower products, cleaning products, food, etc. don’t bring them on move in day!! This is perhaps the most valuable thing I have learned over the years. These things are better bought once in Jackson. Get the basics that you think you won’t be able to live without and once you have everything settled in on Move In Day make the short trip to Target or Wal-Mart and pick up the things you will need. (laundry detergent, soap, Easy-Mac, etc.)  This saves room in the car AND gets you acquainted with the superstore of your choice!

5. Any college packing list Google search you do will certainly return a number of results, but let me spare you the time and worry and give you the essentials:

  • Pain reliever For headaches, stomach-aches, those late weekend nights, and early Saturday mornings…whatever your reason bring it!
  • paper, pens, scotch tape, duct tape, NOTECARDS (these are super important and easy to forget)
  • laundry bag or basket -I suggest bag because it takes up much less room and is easier to transport!
  • first aid kit- Your mom or dad probably already bought this for you, but trust me you’ll need it! Make sure there are plenty of band aids in it!
  • shower caddy- A basket, bag, or crate that holds your shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/etc.  Nothing fancy, just something that will do the trick! Target has some for about $3!
  • dvds- There will be many a move night, and there is nothing more frustrating than when you want to watch a movie with your friends and realize you left it at home!
  • alarm clock- Most of us use our phones, but sometimes you just need to check the clock on the dresser without digging your phone out from its hiding place.
  • bed risers- Nothing better than under the bed storage!
  • Mace- Ladies and Gents you are in a metropolitan area so some sort of protection is a no brainer no matter where you’re from.

6. Dorm room decor. This is a topic that for girls is probably the most exciting AND worrisome. The truth is decorating a dorm room is fairly simple: pictures, colors, posters, and a mirror. That is about it. Save the crazy lamps (except for the desk top one), hanging chandeliers, and oversized decorative trunks because A. they just take up room and B. nobody cares. As long as you like your room and feel comfortable and at home the decorations are up to you.  I suggest you paint picture frames and fill them with your family and friends, bring a full length mirror (over the door doesn’t always work so check into a mountable one), and add some pictures of your favorite places and dreams. One trick to having a great dorm room that I recently discovered is to have things that remind you of your dreams. My room has a framed picture of the Wall Street street sign in NYC, and 10 pictures framed with the maps and a picture of the cities I visited in Europe reminding me of my experiences and my life goals!

7. Save the lap desk. Nobody uses them and I can guarantee you unless you are a freak of nature like me you WILL NOT be able to do homework in bed so it’s best not to try.

8. Don’t forget your dress clothes! Sure college is a great excuse for shorts and t-shirts, but there is a time and a place for dress clothes and I can assure you you will need them! Girls for recruitment you will need something other than Nike shorts and t-shirts, and boys for date nights save the basketball shorts and Nike sandals for practice.

These are the first things that came to mind, and as you can see I tend to get a bit wordy, but I hope they help you prepare for your journey to Millsaps in some way.  We will be waiting for you with open arms and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you! Oh…and Mother and Father Cantrell will be there to help on freshman move in day so be on the lookout for them…they are professionals.

Scrapbooking galore!

As time goes on, my European experience seems further and further away.  Fortunately, I will be reunited with Jennifer in less than a week and we can reminisce to our little hearts desire, but until then I have found a way to not only remember the amazing times I had, but also keep me busy during these long summer hours….What is it you ask? Scrapbooking!

A high school hobby of mine, scrapbooking has always been an exciting and hands on way for me to remember the amazing memories I have made and preserve them for the future. I can’t wait to look back in 20 years with my children and see what amazing places I visited, crazy clothes we wore, and spectacular people I met.

I promised pictures a few posts back so as part of my bargain the following are a bit of my most recent scrapbook creations.  Perfect by no means, but they do the trick and provide me with countless hours of activity before I head to work in the evenings.

Check out that Irish flag work in the bottom left corner…I’d say that is talented!


I just had to add the Lindt choclate wrapper to the Bern page…it is the capital of Switzerland after all!