Scrapbooking galore!

As time goes on, my European experience seems further and further away.  Fortunately, I will be reunited with Jennifer in less than a week and we can reminisce to our little hearts desire, but until then I have found a way to not only remember the amazing times I had, but also keep me busy during these long summer hours….What is it you ask? Scrapbooking!

A high school hobby of mine, scrapbooking has always been an exciting and hands on way for me to remember the amazing memories I have made and preserve them for the future. I can’t wait to look back in 20 years with my children and see what amazing places I visited, crazy clothes we wore, and spectacular people I met.

I promised pictures a few posts back so as part of my bargain the following are a bit of my most recent scrapbook creations.  Perfect by no means, but they do the trick and provide me with countless hours of activity before I head to work in the evenings.

Check out that Irish flag work in the bottom left corner…I’d say that is talented!


I just had to add the Lindt choclate wrapper to the Bern page…it is the capital of Switzerland after all!



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