Sneak peek into your first few days at Millsaps!

I hope you are lucky enough to be in this stellar group: the one and only Christie Campbell, Lewis Peters, and Stevie Cantrell!


have officially arrived and moved into Millsaps for the last time. The sadness of that statement will surely resurrect at another point, but for the time being it is nothing but excitement!  I was fortunate enough to have the support of my entire family (brother included) on Friday to help me move in.  I pulled up to

campus at 9:00 am (a bit behind schedule thanks to Mother’s bathroom breaks), and had only 30 minutes before I had to be at my first meeting of the day.  Which is where my family came into the picture.  They were nice enough to move ALL of my stuff into my second story room and even unpack it AND set everything up!  Talk about a lucky gal!  I was able to meet them for lunch and only a few hours later said goodbye to them for the last fall semester.  After our goodbyes I returned to my hectic Millsaps schedule, and I can say it is good to be back!

See what you are getting?…some sweet skills if I do say so myself.

The past few days I have split between sorority workshop and Foundations training, and as a first time senior Foundations leader it has definitely been a learning experience!  We are eagerly preparing to welcome the Class of 2016 to the Millsaps campus and if you are looking for a little sneak peek as to what to expect your first few days on campus read on!

All 40+ of your Foundations leaders will be there on Thursday to assist with your arrival and more importantly the transportation of your crazy heavy things!  Move in day works like a well oiled machine so have no fear you won’t have to carry that refrigerator or giant suitcase full of stuffed animals (joking…maybe) by yourself!

After moving in you, will embark on your first activities as a Millsaps student. From dinner to games to meet and greets you will cover it all, and I can assure you there will not be a lack of things to do.  We intend to keep you busy, moving, and pumped up to begin your Millsaps career! Skit practices began this afternoon so get excited to be entertained by the one and only Foundations group of 2012!  Seriously.

If you are still trying to hectically get things ready for school I thought of a few more things to put on your “to pack list”:

  • pillows- Something very easy to forget, yet so important!
  • throw blanket- you will want to have one of these for those study sessions in The Bowl on a nice autumn day
  • Command strips- These are used to hang pictures, wall decorations, the occasional calendar, etc. and you will undoubtedly not have enough so go ahead and buy more than you think you will need…

Just running around for a bit…

Another important tid bit for those of us girls that have quite a lot of clothing- LEAVE THE WINTER CLOTHES AT HOME!  Obviously some of y’all that live rather far away don’t have this option, but if you live within driving home range this tip will make your life MUCH easier. A. You will have less clothes to unload on Move In day, and B. you will have more room in your closet, and C. it’s Mississippi…you won’t need those winter sweaters until after Fall Break anyway so leave them home. End of story.

As I write this post I am completely exhausted from Foundations training (and a bit distracted from the Olympic closing ceremonies) so I think it best to conclude now.  I hope you are getting excited about your new adventure beginning, because I know we are ready for your arrival!  See you soon Class of 2016!



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