Let the highlight reel begin!

Well the day has finally arrived…my LAST first day of school…Ever.  After all these years, I never thought the day would bring such great sadness/excitement/fear/any other sappy emotion. Those that know me know that I am not one to eagerly share my emotions or feelings, but after being gone for such time, I can’t help but unload my impending fear/excitement of the future on those around me.  Sure I am a senior, sure I graduate in less than a year; does that mean I have my entire life planned out? Unfortunately not. I haven’t quite come to terms with this lack of direction, but everyone assures me it is entirely normal and almost expected to have no clear path following graduation.  When I become okay with that sentence I will certainly let you know, but until then I shall continue late night Google searches that go something like “What to do with an Economics degree?” or “Jobs after college” or “What should I do with my life?”  So far nothing has been successful, apparently you have to be more specific or something…idk.

As I begin my fourth and final year at Millsaps , I only see it fit to remember some of the best memories from the past years. Some involve studies, others friends, some parties, and others professors.  There is of course not enough time or space to write all of the memories Millsaps has given me (plus you’d get bored anyway) so I will only include those that come immediately to mind. Here goes…

1. Getting kicked out of the FDIC in Washington D.C. – This of course sounds much worse than the actual story, but in fact the Economics department, including two professors, did in fact get asked by security to leave the FDIC building.  You see, every other year the Economics department takes a trip to Washington in order to meet professionals in the field and explore the Capitol city and last fall I was able to attend the trip.  We were a bit early for our appointment at the Federal Reserve and it happened to be raining, but of course all of the museums were closed on a Monday so we sought shelter at the nearest open building we could find- the FDIC. They had an “exhibit” on the history of the department which took all of 5 minutes to look at so we begin to lounge on the nearby window sills and air conditioning units as we attempted to wait out the storm. Well….. this didn’t last long, and we were shortly asked to leave the building and loiter elsewhere! So yes, Dr. Susan Taylor and Dr. Blakely Fender along with a handful of students have officially been asked to leave a government building! Check that one off the bucket list.

2. This second memory happens to involve bad weather as well, but don’t worry no government officials. Every year Millsaps play Mississippi College in a football game known as The Backyard Brawl.  At last years game, the weather of course refused to cooperate, and as cheerleaders we were obliged to cheer our team on- in the rain, for hours, WITHOUT rain gear!  Cold, drenched, and as attractive as ever (sarcasm) we cheered the entire game and the next week the President of the College’s wife, Phoebe, sent some brand new rain jackets our way and we never shivered a game away again! Good times…

3. Exams are a stressful time for all students no matter what the year or school. My sophomore year I was lucky enough to have a few classes with a dynamic group which included the one and only Jennifer Goebel, Konner Joplin, and Russel Pellicino.  Throughout the semester we formed quite the study posse and one of our favorite traditions became studying our behinds off and going on a late night Waffle House trip the night before the test.  It became our reward for studying hard and a ritual that was fortunately successful since we all passed the class!  I won’t mention what it did to our waist lines….

4. Freshman year I attended my first ever LSU game with  a gal I know call my best friend, but at the time we were two young, inseparable, giddy freshies. (Eh not much has changed really…)  I had never experienced anything like Death Valley, and while quite different from the Millsaps game day experience I LOVED that day so very much!  That is the moment I mark as the beginning of my official “movie like” college life. I was traveling home with a college best friend, we conquered the city of Baton Rouge and our friendship has only grown from there!

I figure over 800 words is about enough for anyone to read on this Monday morning, so instead of continuing I shall save my other memories for a later post!  I enjoyed this little memoir, so be on the lookout (a favorite Millsaps saying) for more like it!


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