Convocation brought tears to my eyes…wait what?!

On this bright and sunny Thursday afternoon, I must make a confession.  Yes, I do indeed have a little secret that only you loyal readers will now know! I ALMOST cried today…and not for the obvious reason of a sad little puppy or a sappy movie, but because I attended Convocation, an event at which the newest members of the Millsaps community formally sign the Honor Code and are welcomed home. I’ll explain how the tears came about at a later moment, but for now continue reading…

You see, the last time I was at this event I was an eager, bushy eyed little freshman who thought I was HOT stuff! Three years later, I attended Convocation as part of my Foundation Leader duties; however, this time as an older, worried, and no less bushy eyed senior.  Sitting in the Recital Hall that holds so many memories and watching as the beloved faculty marched in robed in their traditional garb, I couldn’t help but realize that the next time I see a sight like this I too will be in a graduation gown saying goodbye to the people and place I have called home for so long.

I truly believe Millsaps has, and will continue to prepare me to be successful in life and as the saying goes “With every ending there is a beginning.”  At this point in time that saying to me is merely a statement, because I just can’t quite come to terms with the “END” yet.  The end  of impromptu cafeteria stalking sessions. The end of late night trips to Waffle House with good friends and random students you met that night. The end of seeing everyday the people and community that have assisted in my educational, personal, and social journey throughout my time at Millsaps.

At this point the beginning to look forward to involves more fear and anxiety than I am used to. The beginning of bills, bills, and more bills. The beginning of living alone and no longer having my roommate to lay on the futon and watch Gilmore Girls with when we’re sick of studying! The beginning of a career (fingers crossed) that will lead to a number of other frightful beginnings.  The beginning of big kid life!  While I focus on the fear/anxiety/nervousness of the impending ending/beginning that will occur in May, I can’t let myself mislead you.  I can’t deny that along with these emotions I also am excited, eager, and ready for these frightening beginnings that lie ahead.

These new beginnings are my opportunity to show off perhaps the most precious gift Millsaps has bestowed upon me; the unwavering ability to tackle any challenge with eagerness, openness, and a MAJOR smile! ( You like that pun I just threw in there?)

Three years ago at my freshman convocation, the Millsaps Chamber Singers sang an inspiring  rendition of “Singabahambayo” an African folk song (I think). The song left such an impression I downloaded it onto my ITunes immediately after, and have since listened to every time I need a little uplifting reminder of how lucky and blessed I am!  Today the Chamber Singers again sang the song, and that exact moment is what brought tears to my eyes!  No matter how intimidating senior year may be, that song reminded me that there is an entire Millsaps community behind myself and the other seniors encouraging and enabling us to reach our full potential.  Upon a quick Google translation I found a common English translation of “Singahambayo” is “An Army is Marching”, and there is no greater truth.  The army of the Millsaps Class of 2013 is marching and we are ready to conquer the world one city, state, person, and society at a time!

Cheers to you Class of 2013 let’s show these folks how to go out in style!


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