Millsaps in Fondren!

Jackson offers a number of benefits as a college town, and Millsaps students all too often forget just what great jewels are within reach! This past Saturday, students (including myself) were exposed to some of the greatness just down the street…literally.  Millsaps and an historical and eclectic area called Fondren partnered for what is sure to be an annual event called Millsaps Fondren Day where students, alumni, and faculty received discounts and promotions at stores all throughout the area.  From 15% off at Sal and Mookie’s the local pizzeria (owned by a Millsaps alum) to a 2 for 1 milkshake special at Brent’s Drug Store- coincidentally the same store featured in the movie The Help where Emma Stone goes for milkshakes!  Yes….it’s kind of a big deal.

The day was a smashing success, and I can personally attest to cashing in on a number of the days deals including 10% off of wine from the local Fondren Cellars to a free dessert with my purchase at Fat Sumo the sushi restaurant in the area.  I figure the best way to tell you more about the event is to share some pictures from the day’s festivities! The pictures are all courtesy of the Millsaps College Facebook page for whatever copyright things exist… Hope you enjoy.

Millsaps alumni, current students, and faculty gather at the Millsaps tent where participants received free Millsaps gear and coupons for the day!


Millsaps students enjoy lunch at Rooster’s, a local burger and fries favorite.

The Fondren trolley, which runs daily throughout Fondren and to Millsaps was the mode of transportation for Millsaps Fondren Day. Free rides and the nicest trolley conductor EVER!!


Freshman guys and Lewis enjoy the sunshine and fruits Fondren has to offer!


Susan Harmon, Jennifer Goebel, and myself enjoying a senior outing. Hopefully there will be many more to come! Oh and reppin’ our Millsaps wardrobe!

This is the line that resulted from Brent’s offering 2 for 1 milkshakes. Can you say…BUSY?!




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