Students welcome Hurricane Isaac with open arms…and a day off from classes!

Well… I currently write to you sitting on a friend’s couch while binging on animal crackers, rocking the college sweatpants wardrobe, when I would normally otherwise be in class.  Students here are enjoying our day off from classes thanks to a little friend we call Isaac…Hurricane Isaac that is.

When the email that classes were cancelled went out late last night, you would have thought the administration had just declared a last-minute holiday! (well I guess they kind of did…)  The dorms suddenly livened up, and what would normally would have been a subdued Wednesday night turned into the beginning of a six-day weekend for many upperclassmen! I can attest to participating in “Hurricane Party” activities which include getting together and riding out the storm in the company of friends, television, and lots of junk food of course.

Feeling about 10 pounds heavier this morning, I awoke bright and early to meet with one of the candidates for the new Vice President of Institutional Advancement at the college.  Dr. Pearigen and his staff repeatedly expressed how grateful they were that the three of us woke so early on a day with no classes and braved the rain to be there…I didn’t have the heart to tell him that contrary to his belief I’m not in fact one of those cool kids that can sleep until noon or so.  Breaking news: I am definitely that nerd that wakes up at 8 (at the latest) without an alarm, and even that is considered sleeping in!! But I’ll just let them think I made a HUGE sacrifice this morning.

Speaking of Dr. Pearigen, I can’t remember if I shared this tid bit with you all, but I am fortunate enough to be taking a class taught the president himself.  Yes, you heard that correctly, the President of the College is indeed teaching a class (and does so every semester)…talk about hands on administration and leadership!  We had our second class meeting Tuesday, and I can now say without a doubt he is probably THE smartest chap I know!  Seriously…The class is Constitutional Law, which assumes the professor knows a great deal about the Constitution, but this chap not only knows every word of the document, but also the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Federalist Papers, just about every Supreme Court case and decision, oh and EVERY justice that has EVER served. NOT A JOKE.   Dr. Pearigen sure knows his stuff, and he does all of this on top his ridiculously busy schedule running the College.  If you can’t tell by now, I (as well as the entire Millsaps community) am a HUGE fan of our president.  After all at what other college can you walk across campus and be assured to be called by name by the President?  Or find his wife just gardening away in front of one of the buildings on a Sunday morning?

Enough gushing about how amazing the Pearigen couple is, on to the weekend’s upcoming activities- The Backyard Brawl.  The event is the first football game of the season, and happens to be between Millsaps and our age-old rival Mississippi College.  While not a conference game, the Backyard Brawl is one of the most anticipated events of the school year.  Originally scheduled for tonight, the game (thanks to ole Isaac) has been moved to Saturday afternoon, and I will be sure to give you an update on who emerges victorious, but I have a feeling the winning team might rhyme with the Tillsaps Najors….Just a guess.

I assume I have taken up enough of your time and I have sufficiently procrastinated on finishing a job application so I shall leave you with this parting picture. Happy Thursday!

The weather isn’t quite this bad today, but as the rain continues our Millcats might in fact be in need of rescuing!


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