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Meet the world famous Rangerettes!

I must first apologize to those of you who have been sitting anxiously by the computer waiting for my next post. I know it is the HIGHLIGHT of your week, but things got a bit hectic last week so I hate to have disappointed you.  Allow me to make it up to you with the following post filled with pictures and good ole Texas!

This weekend, the dynamic duo reunited, and Jennifer and I traveled to Longview/Kilgore, Texas to attend her younger sister’s college football game.  While this may seem like any other average Texas football game, it certainly was not.  Jennifer’s sister, Julia, is a member of the 73rd line of the Kilgore College Rangerettes.  If you aren’t from the state of Texas, this probably means nothing to you so allow me to explain a bit as to what a big deal this is!

The Rangerettes were the first drill team in the state of Texas, and have since become the most famous.  Throughout their history they have traveled the world performing (literally…the world), performed at the Presidential Inauguration for a number of years, and have been public figures throughout the state and nation.  The members abide by a strict set of rules and regulations from their uniform requirements to social privileges.  The Rangerettes train an absurd amount of time, and are essentially a military type team of pretty young dancers. Jules is a proud member of the team, which gave us a perfect excuse to travel to Texas (and wear my cowboy boots).

Plus, Jennifer’s grandparents live in the town next to Kilgore, and they were nice enough to have us stay at their home and feed us DELICIOUS food!  There is nothing like Anju’s amazing cake. -I use the term amazing, because she would never actually tell me what it was so I must default to simply describing it to the best of my ability with that word!

I have included a few pictures of the Rangerettes, both getting prepared for the game as well as performing at halftime.  It was pretty interesting to see, because literally 3/4 of the fans at the game were there to see the Rangerettes…the football team just happened to be an added plus!


Julia’s roommate, Ally, poses in her Rangerette uniform.  (She hasn’t put on her arm things yet…)

Julia (right) posing with her “Big Sis” on a replica of a Kilgore oil rig.










Lining up to sing the Ranger’s Fight Song.  The uniform hasn’t changed since the team was first created!










Me and Jennifer in front of the “World’s Richest Acre”…Kilgore and East Texas are known for their oil after all!











Cute little Jules in the stands! (The one closest to the camera.)










Did I mention they are WORLD Famous?










The first Funday Friday of the year!

It is a lovely FRIDAY morning!! I say lovely because I am currently writing this from under my cozy covers in bed.  Ahh the life of a senior without classes on Friday!  Anyhow…while I may still be in bed that doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to do on this day/weekend.  It is actually quite the opposite!  I unfortunately have so many large projects/homework assignments that I have been putting off even starting on them…WHICH MEANS, I have to do all of them now.  Not fun.  But I can’t complain, one is research on a senior thesis, the other a graduate school application, and one a job application, so all will surely be very exciting, and beneficial!

So when exactly and I going to do all of these projects, plus study for a Business Law test on Tuesday and do my work for other subjects?  That brings me to Funday Friday.  Funday Friday is somewhat of a tradition that good ole Jennifer Goebel and I established way back in sophomore year.  Because both of us have most of our classes in the business school, Fridays have become our day for lounging around, snacking, and power homework sessions.  We usually spend a creepy amount of time together studying, applying for jobs, researching, and on the occasional Funday Friday going on an adventure!

Adventures are usually saved for those Fridays that we don’t have a significant amount of work, or that have concluded a hectic week.  This Friday is unfortunately not an adventure day.  I have slightly neglected pretty much EVERYTHING concerning schoolwork, so no adventure today.  Jennifer doesn’t know this yet…maybe she will read my blog and find out…

Now that I have wasted a significant amount of your Friday morning…I guess I should stop procrastinating and actually begin my work.  Happy Funday Friday to you all!!

Bid-Day…pretty much a college gal’s Christmas…

After a rather hectic week/weekend, the hard work and time of the sororities on campus came to a much-anticipated close.  Saturday was my fourth and final bid day, and as the eager freshman faces greeted the upperclassmen with pure admiration, I couldn’t help remembering how long ago I was in their shoes.  Well, technically 4 years isn’t quite so long, but then again it is.  In the past four years I have made a bond with women from all walks of life that I am forever grateful.  I have learned how to effectively lead, help others study, organize events, and do my own makeup!

Being in a sorority wasn’t something that I had given much thought before pledging, but as I look back I couldn’t imagine a greater experience.  For seniors, Bid Day was rather bittersweet.  The satisfaction of gaining so many great new members is almost entirely overshadowed by the sadness of leaving them behind in less than a year.  Now I say leaving behind in a completely figurative sense, because if there is one thing I have learned is that memories are the best keepers time.  I may be leaving behind Millsaps and my sorority, but that doesn’t mean I won’t always have my amazing memories as well as pursue an active involvement in the alumni relations of both.

I have full intentions to be that old alumni that returns to every Millsaps Homecoming day, or drops snacks by the sorority lodge.  My college and sorority have given me so much, that I can only hope to give the same amount in return.  I realize at this point I am indeed rambling on about nothing and no one in particular so I shall leave you with some parting pictures!



Each of the sororities line up across from the new members and literally RUN at each other and embrace in a giant estrogen fest of hugs, greetings, and sister-ness!

Madeleine Hendrix (junior) and I before skit night. I am a dancer in “Ice Ice Baby”, Madeleine is Megan from Bridesmaids…I know you wish you could see that skit!


This just seemed like the appropriate ending.




Busy, busy, busy!

Well this week has officially been my busiest yet!  From beginning my internship to recruitment week to loads of readings for classes I have pretty much been running ragged!  But as strange as it is this is when I am the happiest.  I absolutely love having only a few minutes to grab a meal, running from one meeting to the next, and feeling like I am doing important things.  Seriously, there was no sarcasm in that statement, I really do love being busy!

Tuesday kicked off sorority recruitment week, which would be a monster to describe in detail to you, BUT just know it involves a lot of planning, sisterhood time, chanting, and eating junk food…oh and trying to recruit the best freshies for our houses!  Saturday is bid day, so I will be sure to post pictures and fun details, because the events and themes are sure to be epic.

I also began my internship at Southern Research Group this week.  SRG is a marketing research and political consulting firm locally owned and operated in Jackson.  If you need further proof that Millsaps is THE place for you, allow me to tell you a bit about how I landed the internship in the first place.  I have had a few internships over the years, but none have been directly related to my major or possible career paths.  While I enjoyed all of them, I realized oh …about 2 months ago that I had hardly any actual economics or policy experience! Something kind of important for an upcoming graduate hoping to land a job….

When this thought occurred, I immediately reached out to one of my professors, Dr. Blakely Fender, and asked for suggestions or contacts that she had in order to land me an internship for the fall.  Not only did she suggest SRG, but she had her brother talk to the owners on numerous accounts (even at a wedding), about the “Millsaps girl that she highly recommended!” A few emails and meetings later, I was given the opportunity to intern…if that isn’t enough proof that professors at Millsaps truly care about their students and will always go above and beyond I don’t know what is!

I have only spent a day at the firm, but I can already tell it is going to be a fantastic learning experience.  I mean on my first day I got to work with data and research about the Mississippi College Savings programs…sounds boring to you, but for me it was great!  Next week begins my first full week as an intern, so I will be sure to give you more details!

As I mentioned I am running from meeting to meeting this week, and it is actually time for me to set off for another!  Till next time loyal readers.

We are the champions!

Yep, you guessed it, Millsaps has once again become victorious in the Backyard Brawl against our rival Mississippi College.  It has been a few years since we have won, so the feeling of bringing home that trophy on our own turf was even sweeter as a senior.  Way to make my last first game a memorable one boys!
Because it is Labor Day, most of you are either A. cooking out with the fam and enjoying the last bit of summer of B. lazing around the house in you pjs.  Unfortunately for me, today won’t be spent doing either.  Job applications, scholarship essays, and schoolwork are all looming over me, so hopefully today will give me the opportunity to catch up!  This week begins women’s recruitment so I won’t exactly have the most time to catch up for the rest of the week, so today it is!

I have decided rather than procrastinating my homework with a lengthy wordy post, I will instead procrastinate further with a photo blog!  I hope you enjoy.

The age-old trophy that now will call the Millsaps Athletic department home.


The Majors get warmed up before the game.


We want YOU to be a Millsaps Major.


Just a little bro moment before the game.



Yes, he DID make that catch!!



No, that giant black thing is not a crazy form of water fountain, it is actually a camera. A documentary is in the works on the MS-Millsaps rivalry. Good thing they have winning footage of us!- Sorry MC.




Victory is OURS!


The two school join together in prayer, as we think the Heavenly Father for the opportunity to be on the field that day, safe, healthy, free, and victorious!!