We are the champions!

Yep, you guessed it, Millsaps has once again become victorious in the Backyard Brawl against our rival Mississippi College.  It has been a few years since we have won, so the feeling of bringing home that trophy on our own turf was even sweeter as a senior.  Way to make my last first game a memorable one boys!
Because it is Labor Day, most of you are either A. cooking out with the fam and enjoying the last bit of summer of B. lazing around the house in you pjs.  Unfortunately for me, today won’t be spent doing either.  Job applications, scholarship essays, and schoolwork are all looming over me, so hopefully today will give me the opportunity to catch up!  This week begins women’s recruitment so I won’t exactly have the most time to catch up for the rest of the week, so today it is!

I have decided rather than procrastinating my homework with a lengthy wordy post, I will instead procrastinate further with a photo blog!  I hope you enjoy.

The age-old trophy that now will call the Millsaps Athletic department home.


The Majors get warmed up before the game.


We want YOU to be a Millsaps Major.


Just a little bro moment before the game.



Yes, he DID make that catch!!



No, that giant black thing is not a crazy form of water fountain, it is actually a camera. A documentary is in the works on the MS-Millsaps rivalry. Good thing they have winning footage of us!- Sorry MC.




Victory is OURS!


The two school join together in prayer, as we think the Heavenly Father for the opportunity to be on the field that day, safe, healthy, free, and victorious!!







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