Busy, busy, busy!

Well this week has officially been my busiest yet!  From beginning my internship to recruitment week to loads of readings for classes I have pretty much been running ragged!  But as strange as it is this is when I am the happiest.  I absolutely love having only a few minutes to grab a meal, running from one meeting to the next, and feeling like I am doing important things.  Seriously, there was no sarcasm in that statement, I really do love being busy!

Tuesday kicked off sorority recruitment week, which would be a monster to describe in detail to you, BUT just know it involves a lot of planning, sisterhood time, chanting, and eating junk food…oh and trying to recruit the best freshies for our houses!  Saturday is bid day, so I will be sure to post pictures and fun details, because the events and themes are sure to be epic.

I also began my internship at Southern Research Group this week.  SRG is a marketing research and political consulting firm locally owned and operated in Jackson.  If you need further proof that Millsaps is THE place for you, allow me to tell you a bit about how I landed the internship in the first place.  I have had a few internships over the years, but none have been directly related to my major or possible career paths.  While I enjoyed all of them, I realized oh …about 2 months ago that I had hardly any actual economics or policy experience! Something kind of important for an upcoming graduate hoping to land a job….

When this thought occurred, I immediately reached out to one of my professors, Dr. Blakely Fender, and asked for suggestions or contacts that she had in order to land me an internship for the fall.  Not only did she suggest SRG, but she had her brother talk to the owners on numerous accounts (even at a wedding), about the “Millsaps girl that she highly recommended!” A few emails and meetings later, I was given the opportunity to intern…if that isn’t enough proof that professors at Millsaps truly care about their students and will always go above and beyond I don’t know what is!

I have only spent a day at the firm, but I can already tell it is going to be a fantastic learning experience.  I mean on my first day I got to work with data and research about the Mississippi College Savings programs…sounds boring to you, but for me it was great!  Next week begins my first full week as an intern, so I will be sure to give you more details!

As I mentioned I am running from meeting to meeting this week, and it is actually time for me to set off for another!  Till next time loyal readers.


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