Bid-Day…pretty much a college gal’s Christmas…

After a rather hectic week/weekend, the hard work and time of the sororities on campus came to a much-anticipated close.  Saturday was my fourth and final bid day, and as the eager freshman faces greeted the upperclassmen with pure admiration, I couldn’t help remembering how long ago I was in their shoes.  Well, technically 4 years isn’t quite so long, but then again it is.  In the past four years I have made a bond with women from all walks of life that I am forever grateful.  I have learned how to effectively lead, help others study, organize events, and do my own makeup!

Being in a sorority wasn’t something that I had given much thought before pledging, but as I look back I couldn’t imagine a greater experience.  For seniors, Bid Day was rather bittersweet.  The satisfaction of gaining so many great new members is almost entirely overshadowed by the sadness of leaving them behind in less than a year.  Now I say leaving behind in a completely figurative sense, because if there is one thing I have learned is that memories are the best keepers time.  I may be leaving behind Millsaps and my sorority, but that doesn’t mean I won’t always have my amazing memories as well as pursue an active involvement in the alumni relations of both.

I have full intentions to be that old alumni that returns to every Millsaps Homecoming day, or drops snacks by the sorority lodge.  My college and sorority have given me so much, that I can only hope to give the same amount in return.  I realize at this point I am indeed rambling on about nothing and no one in particular so I shall leave you with some parting pictures!



Each of the sororities line up across from the new members and literally RUN at each other and embrace in a giant estrogen fest of hugs, greetings, and sister-ness!

Madeleine Hendrix (junior) and I before skit night. I am a dancer in “Ice Ice Baby”, Madeleine is Megan from Bridesmaids…I know you wish you could see that skit!


This just seemed like the appropriate ending.





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