The first Funday Friday of the year!

It is a lovely FRIDAY morning!! I say lovely because I am currently writing this from under my cozy covers in bed.  Ahh the life of a senior without classes on Friday!  Anyhow…while I may still be in bed that doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to do on this day/weekend.  It is actually quite the opposite!  I unfortunately have so many large projects/homework assignments that I have been putting off even starting on them…WHICH MEANS, I have to do all of them now.  Not fun.  But I can’t complain, one is research on a senior thesis, the other a graduate school application, and one a job application, so all will surely be very exciting, and beneficial!

So when exactly and I going to do all of these projects, plus study for a Business Law test on Tuesday and do my work for other subjects?  That brings me to Funday Friday.  Funday Friday is somewhat of a tradition that good ole Jennifer Goebel and I established way back in sophomore year.  Because both of us have most of our classes in the business school, Fridays have become our day for lounging around, snacking, and power homework sessions.  We usually spend a creepy amount of time together studying, applying for jobs, researching, and on the occasional Funday Friday going on an adventure!

Adventures are usually saved for those Fridays that we don’t have a significant amount of work, or that have concluded a hectic week.  This Friday is unfortunately not an adventure day.  I have slightly neglected pretty much EVERYTHING concerning schoolwork, so no adventure today.  Jennifer doesn’t know this yet…maybe she will read my blog and find out…

Now that I have wasted a significant amount of your Friday morning…I guess I should stop procrastinating and actually begin my work.  Happy Funday Friday to you all!!


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