Meet the world famous Rangerettes!

I must first apologize to those of you who have been sitting anxiously by the computer waiting for my next post. I know it is the HIGHLIGHT of your week, but things got a bit hectic last week so I hate to have disappointed you.  Allow me to make it up to you with the following post filled with pictures and good ole Texas!

This weekend, the dynamic duo reunited, and Jennifer and I traveled to Longview/Kilgore, Texas to attend her younger sister’s college football game.  While this may seem like any other average Texas football game, it certainly was not.  Jennifer’s sister, Julia, is a member of the 73rd line of the Kilgore College Rangerettes.  If you aren’t from the state of Texas, this probably means nothing to you so allow me to explain a bit as to what a big deal this is!

The Rangerettes were the first drill team in the state of Texas, and have since become the most famous.  Throughout their history they have traveled the world performing (literally…the world), performed at the Presidential Inauguration for a number of years, and have been public figures throughout the state and nation.  The members abide by a strict set of rules and regulations from their uniform requirements to social privileges.  The Rangerettes train an absurd amount of time, and are essentially a military type team of pretty young dancers. Jules is a proud member of the team, which gave us a perfect excuse to travel to Texas (and wear my cowboy boots).

Plus, Jennifer’s grandparents live in the town next to Kilgore, and they were nice enough to have us stay at their home and feed us DELICIOUS food!  There is nothing like Anju’s amazing cake. -I use the term amazing, because she would never actually tell me what it was so I must default to simply describing it to the best of my ability with that word!

I have included a few pictures of the Rangerettes, both getting prepared for the game as well as performing at halftime.  It was pretty interesting to see, because literally 3/4 of the fans at the game were there to see the Rangerettes…the football team just happened to be an added plus!


Julia’s roommate, Ally, poses in her Rangerette uniform.  (She hasn’t put on her arm things yet…)

Julia (right) posing with her “Big Sis” on a replica of a Kilgore oil rig.










Lining up to sing the Ranger’s Fight Song.  The uniform hasn’t changed since the team was first created!










Me and Jennifer in front of the “World’s Richest Acre”…Kilgore and East Texas are known for their oil after all!











Cute little Jules in the stands! (The one closest to the camera.)










Did I mention they are WORLD Famous?










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