The blog is BACK!!

Well it seems I have a few more readers than I actually thought!  Apparently the statistics that list the number of people who read my blog each day include a few more than Mama, Daddy, and Scott Goebel of course. After a few requests (more like anxious questions) I decided it was time to end my lazy streak and get back to the blog. So here goes…

I must first preface this with a disclaimer that while I have called myself lazy for not blogging recently, it has been anything but lethargy (I may have made that word up…) that has kept me from your riveting reads.  It seems I have been a bit busy since the last time we spoke.  I’ll try to include the highlights, although unfortunately I can’t promise any pictures so I will keep it short!

Millsaps College Republicans hosted Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves for a pre-election speech a few weeks ago.  In case you didn’t know, Tate (and his wife) is actually a Millsaps graduate that in fact studied the same area as me, Economics.  He served as the first Republican state Treasurer and is moving and shaking Mississippi that is for sure!  Who knows…maybe Governor is next? I’m certainly proud to say I worked on a successful Millsaps alumna’s campaign.

The campus also hosted quite a famous Blue Grass band, The New York City Slickers.  Their rich, 8 piece, high energy music captivated a sold out audience, and I was honored to have gotten one of the remaining two student tickets!  I do in fact have pictures from this show so maybe I will include those in a follow up post.  Interestingly enough two of the band members are Millsaps alumna as well!  Proof that Millsaps grads are EVERYWHERE!

There have certainly been other interesting events within the past few weeks: Homecoming, Senior Football Night, an earthquake (just kidding….bet I got your attention though). Oh and a Constitutional Law exam…did I mention the class is taught by the College President, Dr. Pearigen? Needless to say that took about an entire 2.5 weeks of my life hibernating with my constitutional law book.

Since today is after all one of my favorite holidays of the year, Black Friday, I must of course give you a few details about today’s festivities.  My mom and I have a tradition of hitting the stores late Thursday night and shopping until into Friday morning, heading home for a few hours of sleep and gearing up for Round 2.  This year was no different.  We headed to Wal-Mart Thanksgiving night, followed by Target, Belk, and then the warm bed at home!  A few years ago, we decided Black Friday is already filled with so much greed and consumerism that we would do something a bit different.  We decided to use our master shopping skills and ability to find the BEST deals around and adopted a woman from the Non-Violence shelter to buy gifts for all Black Friday. Ask any of our friends and they will tell you that Mama and I really should have our own television show about the deals we find…it is the least we can do to share our bountiful blessings with those that are a unable to do so. If you don’t believe me about our shopping abilities:  (Don’t mind the name brands, they are simply put in to give you the full significance of our finds.  We shop all stores, and all brands!)

A.  Steve Madden shoes from Stein Mart regularly $60.  After 50% off of the clearance price, plus an extra 25%, and a $10 scratch off card…new flats for $7!!

B. BCBG-Cocktail Dress and two skirts each regularly $158…ALL 3 together were $61!!!

C. 5 Ralph Lauren kitchen towels-$18

D. Kohl’s sweater regularly $34- Cantrell deal?…67 cents.  Yes, 67 CENTS!! (The sweater was on clearance for $10.67) and we had a $10 coupon and it was tax free day. 

And THAT is how it is done! 

I realize that was quite the materialistic sharing of information; however, for me and Mama shopping (and going to the movies) is our favorite past time. There is just nothing better than getting compliments on clothing that you know you saved a ton of money on!  I digress…back to life at Millsaps…

Follow up on the next post (which I promise won’t be months away) and you will get the latest on what is happening at the greatest college on Earth!



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