A different take on Thanksgiving break

As you can tell this isn’t quite the picture blog that I promised in a previous post, but I can assure you this one will be short and sweet so read on!  My Thanksgiving break hasn’t quite ended, so I am filling the idle time before I head back to Jackson with a blog post, and as I leave home from my last Thanksgiving break ever I find it fitting to give a summary of the semester’s academic excitement.

When you begin Millsaps as a freshman, the goal is always to take as many classes as you can, but to be sure to have less of a course load during senior year (if not the whole year, the last semester for sure!).  For me this was no different, and I am happy to say that my last fall semester has been a lighter courseload; however, that certainly doesn’t mean it has been easier.  While I (and many other seniors) have a lighter courseload, the upper level classes are indeed challenging plus add on a 20 hour internship, athletics, and job searching and you have quite the opposite picture of freshman year. 

When we return to Millsaps after Thanksgiving break, my Twitter and Facebook are ALWAYS blown up with sappy posts about how much they miss home already or how they have NO motivation to finish out the last 2 weeks.  Thanksgiving is quite the tease: just as you get into the holiday spirit and are enjoying family time the dream abruptly ends and you are back at Mother Millsaps facing final exams!! Dun dun dun…

I have often been among one of those “complainers”, not because I am unhappy with Millsaps or stressed out with schoolwork, but because during the holidays I am the one who just wants  to play and drink hot chocolate, and shop, and be festive!  This year however, as I pack my car for one of the last return journeys to Millsaps I can’t help, but be excited.  You see, I am fortunate enough to have a spectacular school to return to.  I am blessed to have final exams to study for, and to have professors that challenge my intelligence and determination daily.  I am lucky to work with people at my internship that bring baked goods on Friday, and I am excited to spend these last 2 weeks surrounded by my Millsaps family and friends.  It is after all my last one. Let that soak in for a bit fellow seniors. 

THIS IS OUR LAST FALL SEMESTER.  Our last Christmas parties together, our last holiday lights in the bowl, our last dessert day in the caf, and many more lasts. Sure it is also the beginning of a lot more, but for the time being I will dwell on the “lasts”.  After four short years, I never thought I would be dreading Chrismas break as much as now.  Don’t get me wrong, I am certianly excited to celebrate the holidays with my family and visit a Millsaps California and travel to Mexico fo New Years BUT Christmas break marks the official beginning of the end.  Christmas break = begin studying for not one, but two sets of comprehensive exams, complete my senior thesis which I have spent the entire semester working on, complete numerous job applications, etc.

The etc. is the bit that is quite scary….

The dryer has finished drying my last load of clothes, and I guess it is time to hit the road!  One stop by the costume shop to pick up my Old South dress (blog explaining this to come), and I am on my merry way to my beloved Millsaps!


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